Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill, Christians Now A Minority In England, Disney's Pro-LGBT Project Flops

Top headlines for Thursday, December 1, 2022

Scripture engaged Americans donated more than $100 billion to charity last year, giving more on average to churches and other charitable organizations than the other subgroups surveyed, according to a new report.

The United States Senate approved the so-called Respect for Marriage Act Tuesday, making federal protections for same-sex marriages one step closer to reality and causing concern for religious liberty advocates.

A religious liberty law firm is declaring victory after the Biden administration failed to appeal a court decision blocking a federal mandate requiring medical facilities and staff to perform body mutilating gender transition surgeries, despite religious objections.

For the first time since 1801 when the United Kingdom took its first census, less than half of the population identify as “Christian,” while the share of individuals who say they have no religion has swelled by millions, the latest data from their census show.

The latest Disney animated movie with a pro-LGBT subplot fell short of box office expectations over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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