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Build a Better You . . . Build a Better Business

“Great businesses are built on solid foundations by extraordinary leaders,” says Dr. Ron Eccles, author of The first step in his seven step framework says that by building a better you, you build a better business. 

Building a better you starts with the story you tell yourself. How you tell your story   Your story will not be the same as other business leaders which are expected. No one's experience is the same because God uniquely created us. But your business success depends in part on how you view your experience as part of your story. If you feel blocked from getting to where you want to be in business, Ron encourages you to look at the story you tell yourself. Examine whether there are limiting beliefs holding you back from real success. 

, Ron is transparent about experiences that impacted him and how his story influenced his belief in what’s possible. In the past, he admits that he allowed challenges to limit his belief in his potential. It wasn’t until he found a proper motivation where he pushed through his self-imposed limits to realize what’s possible. He began to see that God works in our lives in ways that we might not understand at the time. “Looking back on my life, I see God’s handiwork continually working to mold my destiny,” noted Ron.

While confidence in who we are and in our abilities is important, it’s not just about us. Ron says “Building a profitable, God-centered business can change many lives, other than your own.” It starts with knowing we matter to God.  “If you have any doubts about how valuable you are to God, read and meditate on His Word, spend time with Him in prayer, and reject the lies of the enemy,” suggests Ron.

Although we are uniquely made and there are characteristics that we cannot change, one thing that everyone has the ability to modify is behaviors and lifestyle. One of my favorite statements is ‘stack the deck in your favor,’ said Ron. “Doing the wise and prudent thing isn’t always a guarantee for successful outcomes but it does shift the potential in our favor.”

Remember a key difference in your story compared to non-Christian business leaders is the role Christ plays in your life. Ron wants others to remember the things God teaches us through circumstances and His work. All Christians are responsible to do the work God has for us. Looking to His Word to guide our decision-making and the choices we make puts us on the path to success. 

If you are a Christian business owner and you want to align your goals with God’s, order  Ron’s book, He shares all seven steps that help you build a business with purpose, passion, and profit.