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Does a child’s choice matter?

We’re all made in the image of a gracious God, who chooses to love each one of us — and empowers us with the ability to choose, too. It’s an ability that makes us uniquely human. And what we do with it can be world changing.

Yet all around the world, poverty is stealing choices from kids. World Vision wonders what it would look like to give those choices back. 

Introducing Chosen®, World Vision’s new invitation to sponsorship. Instead of you choosing a child to sponsor from a set of photos, like child sponsorship has been done for decades, your photo gets sent to a community in need. This means that the power to choose is in a child’s hands. 

Some of these kids have been waiting a long time to be chosen. Now the choice is theirs. The choice to take hold of their future, to pursue their God-given gifts, to become change makers in their families and communities — and even the choice to step into a life-changing relationship with you. And this relationship is a two-way street, inspired by Thessalonians 5:11 (NLT), “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

This choice is one that can empower the child and their entire community to stand confidently on their own, free from poverty, all thanks to essentials like clean water, nutrition, basic healthcare, education, and more.

Even better? Getting to choose their sponsor doesn’t just change a child’s life — it can change their sponsor’s too. The simple statement of “I choose you” is a powerful message of God’s love that has far-reaching effects on both sides. God has placed a universal need deep within each of us. The desire we to feel to be seen and known. The longing we feel to be chosen and to know that we matter.

Pastor Dae Kim at CrossPoint church in Chino, California said it best, “Almost 100 Ecuadorian children happily chose [our CrossPoint church families] to be their friends. Good friends encourage and help each other. Good friends pray for each other. And through good friends, we grow. I know my family will grow spiritually as we pray for our new friend, Ronaldo, and I know all of us will grow through our new Ecuadorian friends. Chosen is truly amazing ministry.”

Thousands of sponsors like Pastor Kim have already been chosen by kids. Will you be next? 

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