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Is It Possible To Survive Cancer After Being Sent Home To Die? Peggy Sue Did Just That In 2007

Is It Possible To Survive Cancer After Being Sent Home To Die? Peggy Sue Did Just That In 2007

Peggy Sue Roberts's cancer survivor story was made public to give people hope that cancer victims can and are surviving regardless of what any conventional oncologist may told them.

Her story began in 2006 when she felt pain like she had never felt before. After complaining to my Dad about this unusual pain he quickly got her an appointment to see her doctor. My Mom's doctor misdiagnosed her for close to a year. It wasn’t until she had an unusual lump on her neck that they discovered that my Mom had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, stage-4 and gave her just 3 months to live.
Her Doctor rushed her into oncology where they gave her a very aggressive dose of chemotherapy. They neglected to give her a chemotherapy sensitivity test before starting her treatments. This lead to a deadly reaction during my her second round of therapy which caused her to code in the chair. This means she actually died for a short period of time. Praise the Lord they were able to revive her. They flushed out as much of the chemo as they could and told her there was nothing else medical science could do for her, so they sent her home to die.  
Only God knew what was in store for my Mom after that. My Dad, Jim didn’t give up on my Mom. He started reading every natural health book he could get his hands on. He would read about some type of supplement which was found to be good for cancer patients and run down to his local health food store. But the treatments he found in those books only had small successes. Hope was getting really dim until he found a natural cancer clinic recommendation buried in one of the many books he was reading. About that time my mom had a dream where the Lord told her that she would indeed survive this experience. My dad shed tears of joy when she told him her dream. 

My Dad, Jim contacted the clinic. He had a phone consultation with the doctor and the doctor said he felt he could actually help her regardless of what her oncologist may have said. We were floored to say the least; after all, my Mom’s conventional oncologist gave her zero chance of survival. That doctor's consultation taught us that she could potentially survive. We instantly had hope again and saw how the Lord was going to make good on her dream. Praise the Lord!
My Mom, arrived at the clinic in a wheelchair feeling like death was close at hand. After the doctor reviewed her medical records and gave her a physical exam he felt she had a 50/50 chance of survival. From there the doctor invited my parents to speak with his patients. They had never experienced anything like that before. My Dad, Jim asked every patient several questions:
1. Did you make the right decision coming to this clinic?
2. Were you being helped?
3. Would you bring your mother to this clinic?
The answers were just what my parents were hoping to hear as they all said: “Yes” to each of his questions. They decided to stay and take their treatments. The results were outstanding. My Mom left the clinic just 3 short weeks later feeling fantastic, and her PET scan showed “No Evidence Of Disease”. At that very moment she knew the Lord had blessed her by guiding her down this path and had given her life back! See More...