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Fall is upon us, and now everything pumpkin is showing up on the shelves of our stores. It also means that it’s time to honor our pastors as we celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. Being a pastor isn’t easy. It is considered to be one of the most stressful jobs, and it’s reported that nearly 20,000 pastors leave the ministry each year.

The unknown of 2021 makes planning your budget scary. Unknown attendance, unknown giving, unknown events. So during Pastor Appreciation Month, this year, we need to be sure to show pastors that we really care about them and their families.  Pastors work extremely hard, and for the congregation to show appreciation in some way is a real blessing to them. You have a ministry partner in us, and we are here to help.

We at ACST are celebrating Pastors Appreciation month more then we have ever before. We will make your church management solution better and save you big money while doing it.  This includes things like giving, events, volunteer management, Ministry Smart video training - which also includes “ministry help” to “product training,” mobile apps, support, community demographics analysis tool, accounting and payroll, live streaming, texting, but THERE IS SO MUCH MORE.

Call us at 844-467-3256 or click here to get started to save more money while doing better ministry.