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The Importance of an Integrated Approach to Theology, Philosophy, and Apologetics

Our culture is more hostile to Christianity, even though it understands Christianity less than ever before. Bad ideas are literally ripping our society apart and fueling cultural chaos. To effectively engage with the culture, you will need a deeply integrated understanding of theology, philosophy, and apologetics—the bedrock of a degree from .

As SES co-founder, the late Dr. Norman Geisler, said, “[Apologetics] is opening the door, clearing the rubble, and getting rid of the hurdles so that people can come to Christ.” Regardless of your particular vocation or ministry context, sound apologetics that is undergirded with good philosophy and theology is a must for doing the heavy lifting of removing the hurdles so that people in our post-Christian culture can come to Christ. Certainly, there are many wonderful institutions today that offer training in these areas. There are very few, however, that offers integrated training in classical Christian thinking found at SES.

Deep and unique integration of theology, philosophy, and apologetics is woven throughout each SES program. This integrated approach will help you form a complete and systematic Christian worldview. Such systematic thinking will equip you to more effectively proclaim the Gospel, engage the culture, and defend the Truth. As one SES student noted, “I simply could not be doing what I am doing, the way that I am doing it, without the training I received at SES. … I learned how to think through issues in a way that is simply foreign to most Christians, including graduates of other seminaries.”

Beyond Online Education

Our philosophy of education carries over into a unique and innovative way we approach online education. SES takes a digital-first approach by providing a fully immersive digital campus experience where every aspect of traditional education is achieved in a virtual environment by integrating industry-leading technologies for live-streaming, course management, and student interaction.

In addition to traditional asynchronous online courses, SES offers live-streaming courses which all for real-time interaction with professors and classmates with on-demand recordings of each class available throughout the semester. We fully understand the complex demands of our students, so we have created flexible seminary options for busy schedules. Our digital campus experience allows you to get a first-class education while remaining in your current ministry context.

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