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Vide Press, The Book Publishing Division of The Christian Post, Announces The Release of Two Compelling New Books.


Providence by author Jeffry Parker tells a gritty, honest, and awe-inspiring survival story. As Jeff battled cancer cells invading his body and treatments that threatened to sap his soul, he lost sight of God and His unending love for him. Through the darkness, God emerged in spectacular fashion, offering a lesson in Providence that will not long be forgotten. If you're struggling to find God in the midst of your pain, you'll find in Parker's story the courage to believe.

"I am pleased, honored, and humbled Vide Press is publishing my first book. From the first conversation with Tom Freiling, Director of Vide Press, to seeing my book cover for the first time, to holding my own book in my hands, I can truly say I have been blessed and thrilled to be a part of their publishing family," says author, Jeff Parker.

Vide Press invests in publishing and promoting books that share life-changing or challenging messages that build and inspire their readers’ faith. Providence is a book that will help you find promise in the midst of impossible situations. 


For the reader who desires to become an effective leader, Vide Press introduces, Leading Beyond Your Limits, a new book with a faith-filtered view of leadership and an innovative and revolutionary approach based on both biblical principles and developmental psychology.

The authors, Michael and Valerie Murphy, have a lifetime of learned leadership experience in both the classroom and in practice, and they offer more than a one-size-fits-all approach. They show how God has placed all the necessary resources into every leader's life to accomplish everything He wants them to do. They teach how to discern who you are as a leader and craft your own leadership vision around what God is doing in your own particular environment.

Authors Michael and Valerie Murphy state, “We are delighted to see the book published and thankful to be participants in the voices that Vide Press and The Christian Post have envisioned for their publishing efforts. It is our prayer that this book can further conversations that bring a perspective to leadership that relies more on the expanse of God and less on ourselves and our limitations.”

If you're ready to fulfill God's plan for leadership in your life, to build and grow your church, business, or mission field, you can rise above your limitations and unleash the unlimited resources of God's kingdom and purpose for your life. In this, you will discover how to truly lead beyond limits!

Providence and Leading Beyond Your Limits are available wherever books are sold!