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You know the power of the Word of God, so you proclaim the Gospel every Sunday. Now impact more lives for Christ through the written word.


Dear Pastor,

You spend hours preparing your Sunday sermon. You pray, outline, study, and research. You write, edit, and rewrite so you can find the right words to get your points across to your listeners.  

And why do you do it? Why put so much effort into a message that will only last 30 to 45 minutes?

Because you know that it is not just a short speech…not a simple motivational pep-talk…not a mere demonstration of your speaking skills.

You know it is so much more. When you stand before your congregation, you are speaking the Good News of Jesus Christ, and the message has an eternal impact.

When God called you to be a pastor, you knew it wasn’t ‘just another job.’ You would be following in the footsteps of thousands of pastors, prophets, and priests who have been proclaiming the love of God for centuries.

And you accepted the call. Through rough times and joyous times, you have stayed faithful to spreading God’s message.

But is a Sunday morning sermon the end of your message? Do you simply put aside all that studying and preparation and move on to the next week’s topic? Did you use every point, concept, and illustration you had uncovered in your study time?

Probably not. After all, it’s difficult to communicate so much available information in such a brief period of time.

Your message doesn’t need to stop on Sunday

 As a pastor, proclaiming the truths of God’s Word is the heartbeat of your ministry. All the other duties of pastoring – visitation, counseling, community involvement, and so much more -are all important aspects of your position.

But the main focus is still the same one that Paul told Timothy many years ago: “Preach the word.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

Today’s technology allows you to expand your ministry's reach in ways Paul could never have imagined. Yet his message remains relevant for pastors today.

Your Sunday sermon should be only the starting point of spreading the Gospel. At best, your congregation will most likely only remember one or two of your main points. And that’s after you spent hours in preparation.

But how can you help your listeners retain more of the information? And how can you reach visitors to your church? Or even people who will never come to your church?

How can your ministry make the maximum impact for God’s glory when you are just one person?

Your message in print reaches beyond your church walls

At InstantPublisher.com, we understand the importance of helping you expand your ministry. We know how effective self-publishing a book containing your thoughts on a subject can be in fulfilling your call to preach.

Your book can be in a variety of formats. It could be a Bible study…a collection of your sermon notes on a topic…a testimony of God’s grace and mercy throughout your life. There are so many possibilities.

Maybe you would also like to publish some materials for your church to distribute to visitors or newcomers. Perhaps a church history, information booklet, or new member orientation. Building your church is also part of your ministry.

With a book, you get a long-lasting method of spreading the love of Jesus to your church family, their friends, Sunday visitors, and many people outside your regular audience.

We have published the books of many pastors, and the results have been exciting. Pastor Richard L. Sorrentino, President and Executive Director of New Hope in Christ Ministries, said:

“It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Instant Publisher for all of your publishing needs.  We have utilized Instant Publisher in the past for our novel "Angels Within Us," and we have found Chris, Becky, and the rest of the Instant Publisher Team to be quite knowledgeable about their craft.  As an author and a professor, it is important to me to select publishers which are both economical and professional, and Instant Publisher is far beyond their competition on both counts.  They work with you in realizing your dreams, and, putting those dreams and aspirations into print.  We are already working with them to convert "Angels Within Us" into e-publication, and, even though we are new to this genre, we feel empowered by our conversations with them.  Whether those conversations are on technical manuscript printing points, or whether they are in consultation as to what is the best format and style, Chris and his team answer your questions honestly, respectfully, and professionally.  Whether you are a beginning writer or a returning author, Instant Publisher is the best publisher for all of your needs.”

Dean Slattery, a retired Marine Chaplain, Methodist pastor, and author of 10 books, wrote:

"I have used Instant Publisher for six of my ten books and have found them to be fast, friendly, and fun to work with. I think they produce good quality books with nice cover designs, and yet they still keep the price cheaper than most publishers in America. I recommend them to everyone who wants to publish a book. If you want to see your book in print this month, and produced the way you want it, you can't beat Instant Publisher."

Quality books that won’t break your budget

At Instant Publisher, we are proud to offer you high-quality books at an affordable price. We know you need to be a good steward of your finances, so we make sure to keep our prices budget-conscious without sacrificing quality.

For example, you can get 25 books for as little as $100, or 1,000 copies for as low as $1.00 a book*. And they will be printed to professional bookstore quality.

You will also have complete control over how you want your book to look. You get multiple choices of the type of binding (such as paperback, hardcover, plastic wire, and plastic comb), cover designs (custom, stock, and camera-ready), finished size, and other steps in the process.

But at any point that you need help, we partner with you to make sure every part of the experience flows smoothly. Being a pastor can be stressful enough, so we will make expanding your ministry a little easier.

Take the first step today and get a FREE no-obligation consultation

We’re waiting to help get you started on publishing your book. And don’t forget Christmas and Thanksgiving are approaching quickly, so it would be a great opportunity to get your book and church materials into the hands of all your visitors.

Call us today at 1-800-259-2592 for a FREE consultation with our representatives about your book project, or visit us online at www.instantpublisher.com.

Whether by voice or by print, you have been called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. You have the pulpit, and we have the printing presses. Let’s join together and watch your ministry and church grow.


Chris Bradley

President, InstantPublisher.com

P.S. – Call today at 1-800-259-2592 for your FREE consultation to learn how you can self-publish your book. Ask all the questions you want to ask. We’re here to help.

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