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Channing Tatum SNL Host This Week

Channing Tatum SNL Host This Week

Actor Channing Tatum has made his debut on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" last night as the famed show's host.

The episode saw the 31-year-old actor dressed in slacks with suspenders as he poked fun at his former career as a male stripper.

"It's true, I was a stripper for a year before I became an actor," Tatum told the "SNL" audience. "I'm not ashamed of my past."

The star then greeted former "clients" of his while pointing out and embarrassing them.

Also, in a Weekend Update sketch anchor Seth Meyers spoke of the "SNL" criticism received by past musical guest Lana Del Ray. The spoof on the singer joined jokes about Republican Newt Gingrich in the show's next segment.

Other segments included Tatum portraying Matthew McConaughey and a piece titled "Tom Brady & Janet" in lieu of the Super Bowl.

Saturday's "SNL" saw musical guest Bon Iver, and the folk band performed their songs "Holocene" and "Beth/Rest" during the show.

Ahead of the Feb. 4 episode, Tatum said he was "more nervous than I could probably tell you" about his hosting duties.

"It happened so sort of constant and fast, you don't really get a chance to think about it all too much," explained the actor speaking to MTV News. "Like, you go home, you think and think, then you pass out and your alarm goes off, and then you come and do it [rehearse] again."

On the "SNL" set rehearsing, Tatum said the cast were very helpful and supportive.

"They take care of you so much, so they really set you up to succeed," he said. "Everyone is so at the top of their game as far as writing an acting, and this is a machine like I've never seen before."

"I wish movies ran this efficient," added Tatum. "We would make them better."

Tatum stars in a slew of movies coming out this year, with the earliest being "The Vow" alongside Rachel McAdams. In the upcoming romantic movie, Tatum plays the dedicated husband to his wife, McAdams, who has lost her memory of him.

"The Vow" film hits theaters Friday, Feb. 10.


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