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'Code Vein' News: Devs Further Detail How NPCs Will Be Able to Assist Players

NPCs have different abilities that will help players out in their own way

'Code Vein' News: Devs Further Detail How NPCs Will Be Able to Assist Players

Revenant Mia and the protagonist inside 'Code Vein' | Bandai Namco

Traveling inside "Code Vein" is not a task to be carried out alone, and so developers are offering some help in the form of some non-player characters.

As fans who have been following the game's development may already know, there are different Revenants who will be able to help players out.

Now, developers have offered specific details regarding how the different NPCs can help during battles.

The new details related to the Revenants are included in the latest issue of Famitsu, and the folks from DualShockers have translated them.

First off, it was revealed that Mia Karnstein – the female Revenant with blonde hair who has already been featured quite a lot – will be able to help players by shooting at any approaching enemies. She can also enhance some of the player's abilities.

Next up is Yakumo Shinonome. In stark contrast to Mia, this Revenant prefers to fight within close range using a greatsword. He also helps players out by decreasing the stamina cost for guarding. Players may also take less damage if they are accompanied by Yakumo, which makes him an ideal partner for those who will be using close-range weapons inside "Code Vein."

Last up, Louis is a Revenant who can increase a player's attack power and evasion. Players should know that those boosts are provided at the expense of defense, so they have to be really good at dodging if they are going to keep Louis around.

Notably, NPCs are not the only ones who can lend a helping hand inside the game.

Just recently, developers revealed that players will be able to send out distress signals inside the game, and these are things that other players can pick up on, Gematsu reported.

A player who has met certain qualifications can respond to a distress signal. It is worth noting that only one rescuing player can appear at a time. The rescuer will then join the already present NPC and the player who sent out the distress signal to form a party of three.

Going through the entirety of "Code Vein" will likely be a challenge, and the good news for players is that they will receive assistance from all kinds of characters along the way.


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