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Oreo Cookies Celebrate 100 Years Today

Oreo Cookies Celebrate 100 Years Today

Nabisco's worldwide famous Oreo cookie has marked its 100th year of sales on Tuesday, March 6.

Nabisco describes the two chocolate biscuits with cream filling between them as "Milk's Favorite Cookie." After it was first sold on March 6, 1912 in Hoboken, N.J. the cookie continued to gain popularity, and remains a constant staple in youthful snack packs as well as in households of today.

Oreo Global and the World's Favorite Cookie have announced an initiative "to reignite the spirit of childhood be celebrating the kid inside all of us," according to a press release Tuesday.

Concerned that kids are growing up too fast, Oreo urges their fans to "put down its cell phones, close its laptops and take a moment to celebrate the kid inside all of us."

The initiative also invites Oreo fans to share how they are celebrating Oreo's birthday by posting a photo, video, or story in the Oreo Moments Gallery at or on Facebook.

Birthday celebrations in honor of the cookie are taking place worldwide in places such as Canada, Venezuela, the Middle East, and China, among others.

On Twitter, fans of the cookie are posting comments about the special 100th birthday.

Food Network star and southern food specialist Paula Deen posted a special message on her Twitter account Tuesday.

"Happy 100th birthday to Oreo Cookies," wrote Deen and provided a link to her recipe for Easy Homemade Oreo Ice Cream.

"Happy 100th birthday Oreo cookies," wrote Kimberley. "You, me and glasses of milk have kept company for a long time. Many more to come, I hope."

"The Oreo truly shines in Cookies and Cream ice cream," posted Jamie before adding, "Happy birthday."

Twitter user Cee posted, "The best cookie known to man. Been bringing white and black together for years… literally!"

Another user joked about the cookie and the most recent host of "Saturday Night Live," actress Lindsay Lohan.

"It's Oreo's birthday today. Congrats on looking better at 100 than Linsday Lohan does at 25," posted Jelisa.

Also, many online bloggers honored the cookie by posting many different recipes that use the famous chocolate, vanilla-filled cookie.


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