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'Roseanne' Reboot News: Cast Members Share Teasers on Upcoming Sitcom

'Roseanne' Reboot News: Cast Members Share Teasers on Upcoming Sitcom

Promo image for the reboot of "Roseanne." | (Photo: Facebook/roseannereturn)

"Roseanne" is bringing back familiar elements from the original sitcom when it premieres this spring.

Two decades have passed since "Roseanne" last aired on TV. While a lot has changed for the Conner family, a lot of things will remain unchanged when the reboot officially debuts in March.

"The last 20 years, [we've been doing] pretty much doing the same [thing], scraping by," actor John Goodman told TV Guide. Roseanne Barr, who plays the titular role, also said they have been "getting older" and "watching our family grow."  Goodman went on to assure fans that his character Dan will try "not to have another heart attack" again.

Goodman was referring to Barr's comment earlier this month when she revealed that Dan did not really die when the original series ended its run. It's currently unclear how the show will play out but if one thing is for sure, the "Roseanne" revival will be ignoring Dan's "death" — no matter what viewers saw in season 9.

As for Roseanne's younger sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), she will continue to be the backbone of the family. That does not mean she will not be facing her own problems though, since she will reportedly deal with some issues in the reboot. She will also be taking on a mysterious new career.

Uproxx notes the reboot's premiere will focus on a conflict between Roseanne and Jackie. The sisters will be fighting over a difference of political opinion, according to Metcalf. "She and I have a conflict over it, but we only deal with it in the first show," said the actress.

She added, "The rift that it has caused between the sisters, as it has in other families, goes even deeper than how they voted. It makes [the sisters] go way down and see where their weird power struggle has always been."

However, Metcalf insisted the program will continue to explore themes about "family" even though they will be "talking politics in that first show."

The "Roseanne" reboot premieres Tuesday, March 27, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.


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