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Tim 'Tebows' With Terminally Ill 4-Year-Old Boy

Tim 'Tebows' With Terminally Ill 4-Year-Old Boy

Just weeks after taking a 10-year-old girl to the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards show, Tim Tebow made another sick child's dreams come true when he met with 4-year-old Preston Winslow at his training facility in Tampa, Florida.

Preston, a seriously ill leukemia patient and big fan of Tebow, tossed a football with his idol and of course learned how to "Tebow," according to ABC 11.

Walking hand in hand, the Denver Broncos quarterback led the enthusiastic boy onto an indoor field, and despite battling acute myeloid leukemia, Preston was fully engaged and happy to be in Tebow's presence.

"It amazes me at how much energy [Preston] had out there playing and running around. He didn't even want to stop," Preston's mother Celeste Winslow told ABC 11.

Preston was diagnosed with AML in 2010 and despite ongoing efforts to improve his ailing health, the young boy has stopped responding to treatment. His parents are determined to ensure that he enjoys every one of his precious moments.

"We've decided not to ruin the time we have left by being down," Preston's father, James Winslow, told The Tampa Bay Times.

When Preston dropped to one knee to perform the famous "Tebow," onlookers, including Tebow, who invented the now famous kneeling in prayer gesture, were charmed.

"That was awesome. So good," a smiling Tebow said about Preston's "Tebow" moment.

Tebow, 24, recently took little Presli Collins as his "date" to the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards show in California, after learning that the 10-year-old has neurofibromatosis-1 which has caused tumors to grow along her spine resulting in surgery on both her brain and her back.

"I just think that it's so wonderful that Tim reaches out to these kids you know, who have these health issues and this prognosis and gives him his time and gives them some extra happiness," Celeste said.


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