Thursday, June 21, 2012
Twitter Down Again Today: Social Network Crashes, Causing Hacker Concerns

Twitter Down Again Today: Social Network Crashes, Causing Hacker Concerns

The social networking website Twitter, which attracts millions of users around the world each day, suffered multiple outages on Thursday, leading some to speculate if the website may be under attack.

"Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter," a statement by Twitter warned, responding to numerous reports of people being unable to access the website from around the world. "Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue."

Soon after posting the message, Twitter reported that the issue had been "resolved," although people continued having issues with the service, The Globe and Mail reported.

A hacker group, UGNazi, had claimed responsibility for the downtime on Twitter, although those claims have not been confirmed.

Internet users often go on Twitter to discuss anything from major world events to celebrity news and things going on on other popular websites – but with Thursday's outages, they were forced to turn to online message boards and other means to share their concerns over the social networking tool.

"I'm losing my mind!" Internet user Matt Gio wrote at "I have so much to talk about today and I have an important blog post scheduled."

Others made light of the situation, with Facebook user Olivia Bovery posting: "There is this bright yellow ball in the sky that must be investigated. Seems to be giving off a lot of heat. Wonder what it is," although when the site went back up she posted soon after: "Finally, its back up! Back to twitter. Yellow ball will have to wait."

Today's Twitter outages were the longest service disruption since another incident last year, when the website was down for almost an hour on Oct. 7, CNN Money reported. The year 2012 has been much better for the social networking giant, as in previous years it had faced frequent service disruption, making it notorious for its extensive outages.