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7 ways to reconnect with the Church body

Unsplash/Chris Liverani
Unsplash/Chris Liverani

Church. It's a word that evokes all sorts of different images and emotions for people. For some, it represents a place of warmth and acceptance. A community where they can come as they are and feel loved. For others, church is a place of judgment and exclusion. A place where they don't quite fit in. But what if church could be both of those things?

What if church could be the place where you come when you're struggling and the place where you come to celebrate your victories? The thing is, church can be that place — but only if we make it that way.

This week, let's take some time to reconnect with the body of Christ — the Church.

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Let's find ways to love and support one another, no matter what stage we're at in our journey Home. If you're feeling lost or disconnected from the Church, here are seven things you can do to reconnect.

1. Pray for guidance

When you feel lost, it's important to pray for guidance. Ask God to show you where He wants you to be and what He wants you to do. He will never lead you astray.

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal. It gives us the opportunity to commune with our creator and ask for guidance in all areas of our lives. When we pray for guidance, we are asking God to shed light on our path and show us the way forward. We are placing our trust in Him and His wisdom, knowing that He will lead us to where we need to be. The power of prayer should never be underestimated; it is a force that can move mountains and change lives. So, if you are ever feeling lost or uncertain, remember to pray for guidance. It is the surest way to find your way back home.

2. Talk to your pastor or a church leader

If you're feeling lost, chances are there's someone at your church who can help you get back on track.

Talk to your pastor or a church leader and let them know what's happening. They'll be able to offer guidance and support. The pastor or church leader is a great resource when it comes to spiritual guidance. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they can share with you, and they can help you to grow in your faith.

They can also offer advice on how to deal with difficult situations, and they can provide support and encouragement when you need it most. If you are struggling with something, or if you have a question about your faith, be sure to talk to your pastor or church leader. They will be more than happy to help you out.

3. Get involved in a small group or Bible study

One of the best ways to connect with other Christians is by getting involved in a small group or Bible study. This is a great way to build relationships and learn more about your faith.

A small group or Bible study can be a great way to get more out of your faith. In a small group, you can share your faith journey with others and learn from their perspectives. Bible studies can also deepen your understanding of Scripture and help you apply it to your life. Whether you're looking for fellowship, spiritual growth, or both, getting involved in a small group or Bible study is a great way to take your faith to the next level.

4. Serve others

Another great way to connect with the Church is by serving others. There are always opportunities to serve in our churches and communities. When we serve others, we are serving God and making a difference in the world.

5. Attend worship services regularly

Worship services are an important part of the Christian faith and attending them regularly is a great way to stay connected to the church community. Worship services typically include singing, praying, and listening to a sermon from the pastor or another speaker.

Most of us go through life serving ourselves. We work hard to get ahead, to make more money, to buy more stuff. But what if we stopped serving ourselves and started serving others instead?

Think about it: what are the things that make you happy? Chances are, they have nothing to do with material possessions. Instead, they involve making a difference in someone else's life. When you help others, you're not just making their lives better — you're making your own life better too.

So how can you start serving others? It doesn't have to be a big gesture; even the smallest act of kindness can make a world of difference. Pay it forward at the coffee shop, hold the door open for someone, or simply smile at a stranger. When you start serving others, you'll be amazed at how good it makes you feel.

If you're unsure where to start, try attending one of your local churches' worship services!

You can find a list of churches in your area here.

6. Give financially

One of the best ways to support your church community is by giving financially. When you give money to the church, it allows them to continue doing all the good work that they do! There are many different ways you can give financially, such as giving online, setting up automatic monthly donations, or giving during worship services on Sundays.

In the Bible, we are taught to tithe or give 10% of our income back to God. This principle is still applicable today and giving financially is one of the best ways to show our faith. When we tithe, we are putting God first in our lives and acknowledging that everything we have is a blessing from Him.

Additionally, tithing is a way of showing our gratitude for all that God has done for us. It is an act of worship that honors God and demonstrates our trust in His provision. Finally, tithing is an act of obedience that allows us to participate in the work of God's Kingdom. When we give financially, we play a part in building God's Kingdom here on earth.

7. Seek out the Christian community outside of Sunday mornings

The Christian community is more than just a Sunday morning gathering. It's a community of people who believe in and follow Jesus Christ. And while Sunday mornings are certainly a time to gather and worship, there are other ways to seek out and engage with the Christian community.

There are Bible study groups, prayer groups, and service projects that provide opportunities to connect with other believers. There are also online communities that offer support and fellowship.

Whatever your interests or needs, there is likely a Christian community that can provide support and encouragement. So don't limit yourself to Sundays only. Seek out the Christian community wherever you can find it.


If you're feeling lost or disconnected from the Church, don't despair! There are things you can do to reconnect. Pray for guidance, talk to your pastor or a church leader, get involved in a small group or Bible study and serve others. By taking these steps, you'll be on your way to reconnecting with the church and deepening your relationship with God.

Agustin Cruz is the media ministry director at New Life Bible Church.  For more information,

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