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Media ignores the cultural genocide of the American black family

Unsplash/ National Cancer Institute
Unsplash/ National Cancer Institute

As Black History Month continues, many on the left will push their narrative of eternal black victimhood and identity politics.

In his proclamation on National Black History Month, for example, President Joe Biden failed to acknowledge that we are living during the least racist period in American history. Instead, he said:

“The long shadows of slavery, Jim Crow, and redlining — and the blight of systemic racism that still diminishes our Nation today — hold America back from reaching our full promise and potential."

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And Black Lives Matter at School, a project that provides a controversial activist curriculum with lesson plans for K-12 schools, will teach children this week to be transgender and queer-affirming.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment was a government-funded study conducted on black males to collect information on the progression of syphilis.

In 1932, the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) engaged the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama to conduct a clinical study on black male sharecroppers, most of whom were illiterate, in order to observe how untreated syphilis progresses until death.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) timeline of the experiment notes, for 40 years no media reported on the study, during which participants were never informed of their diagnosis or asked to give informed consent. Meanwhile, all were told they were being treated for “bad blood.”

While the men received free medical examinations, meals, and burial insurance in exchange for their participation in the study, they were not offered any treatment for syphilis, for which penicillin had become the treatment of choice by the 1940s.

As ScienceDirect observed, part of the initial purpose of the Tuskegee study was to “recognize the different stages of the disease to develop treatments adapted to each of those stages.” The researchers, however, never offered to treat the subjects with penicillin when it became widely available.

According to the ScienceDirect report:

“Instead of treating the subjects of the study with penicillin and concluding it or establishing a control group to study the drug, the scientists in charge of the Tuskegee experiment hid the information on penicillin from the subjects in order to continue studying how the disease spread and eventually led to death.”

In 1972, the study was leaked to the press. Consequently, a federal health official ordered a review, one that concluded the research was “ethically unjustified.”

A year later, a class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the study’s subjects and their families, which yielded a $10 million settlement in 1974.

The government, however, was not done with victimizing black Americans after the Tuskegee Experiment since, for over 50 years now, the Cultural Genocide of the American black family has been occurring in plain sight – with no horrified, frenzied media coverage at all.

In fact, the destruction of the American black family is part of the left’s “weaponization” plan to undermine the traditional nuclear family regardless of race.

As I have observed before, at the time of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, nearly 80% of black children were born into two-parent families. Since that time, however, we have seen black families decline to 80% fatherless homes — without any national initiative or outcry from the media to reverse that trend.

As a result of this genocide of black families, entire black communities have been decimated from within, and we are worse off now than before the non-violent Civil Rights Era began.

Furthermore, critical race theory indoctrination and woke accusations of an America mired in eternal systemic racism are continuing to make things worse, not only for black but for all Americans.

Ironically, as many fatherless black families have grown increasingly dependent on the government for support, black political leaders — even members of the Congressional Black Caucus — have encouraged the same leftwing groups that call for the eternal victimhood of black people to ramp up their outrage. Many of them have grown wealthy while their communities have lingered in perpetual generational poverty when barriers of systemic racism have been removed. Living in the Jim Crow South, my parents and grandparents would have loved to have grown up in the America I grew up in.

I have been urging black Americans to return to their roots in faith, family, and the pursuit of a good education — which is where we were after the Civil Rights movement eliminated systemic racism and provided real opportunities for us.

Sadly, the federal government — LBJ’s social programs, in particular —  started the black community down the path of government dependence and a huge cultural change.

Unwed women became financially incentivized to have children as long as they remained unmarried. As a result, in five decades we’ve seen the collapse of the black family, and the two-parent black family has become an endangered species.

Many black children, who were born into a situation not of their own making, continue to miss out on the opportunities America has to offer, and it is not because of systemic racism or white privilege. Instead, most of our children are growing up without the benefit of the best start in life — a loving family led by a father and a mother.  

The one pathway out of poverty, a solid education has been denied to children living in major inner cities across the country. The lack of a solid education keeps these children and later young adults, in a cycle of poverty, anger, and hopelessness because school administrators and political leaders, all left-leaning, have allowed failing schools to exist for decades.

What makes this situation quite evil, is that these local leaders keep parents from having the option of sending children to better schools by restricting school choice, vouchers, and charter schools. The leaders in these communities are failing them while they become financially wealthy.

Sadly, black Americans that legally immigrate (non-refugees) from countries like Nigeria or the Caribbean islands have achieved the American dream. They achieve higher levels of education, earn significantly more than native-born black Americans, and have higher levels of two-parent families than descendants of American black slaves. 

Indeed, the cultural genocide of the American black family is a tragedy yet untold by the press that is still waiting to be told with facts and candid truth.

Kendall Qualls is the former Republican nominee and candidate for Minnesota’s Third U.S. Congressional District and former president of TakeCharge. 

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