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Archaeologists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem recently reported that an ancient inscription paraphrasing the first two verses of Psalm 86 was uncovered from a remote site in the Judean desert of Israel. 

Memorable events that occurred this week in Christian history include the death of one of the “Jesus Revolution” leaders, Pope John Paul II holding Mass at Yankee Stadium, and Jimmy Swaggart hosting a major revival event in Brazil.

From writing sermons to creating a “rapping Jesus,” the advent of the era of artificial intelligence (AI) is clearly upon us. But what happens when AI meets a controversial artifact that purportedly captures the face of God?

At least three Assemblies of God pastors have called on denominational leaders to repent and, where appropriate, resign after organizers of the Chi Alpha Campus Ministries were accused of allowing Daniel Savala, a 67-year-old itinerant minister and convicted sex offender, to prey on scores of young males for more than two decades.

For centuries, the mightiest of theologians have been doing their best work to decipher and interpret Bible prophecies from the New Testament book of Revelation. While many have produced sound biblical interpretations and teachings about the End Times, one can’t help but be intrigued by the shimmer of mystery the final book of the Bible provides.

An evangelistic team in eastern Uganda this month discovered a Muslim had locked up his son and starved him for more than four months for accepting Christ, sources said.

The darkest years of Phil and Kay Robertson's life will be told in the upcoming film, "The Blind," and their son Willie Robertson and his wife, Korie, have shared what it's like to see his parents' life played out on the big screen.

While Christians are deeply sympathetic to those facing suffering and terminal illness, they believe that the answer lies in trusting God and offering support, rather than taking matters of life and death into human hands.