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A Missouri megachurch is facing criticism and demands for evidence after reporting an alleged miracle in which a woman's amputated toes were said to have regrown after a prayer session.

Tennessee’s Wilson County has filed a lawsuit against Pastor Greg Locke and Global Vision Bible Church for zoning violations and “excessive noise,” but Locke says the church won’t “be bullied” and he will counter-sue the county.

The head of the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States has called on Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear to veto a bill that would ban the bodily mutilation of youth expressing confusion about their sex.  

With a list citing verses from Genesis to Revelation, a Utah parent is calling for the Word of God to be removed from a high school library for being "pornographic."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that his government will not pass a bill that would criminalize Christian evangelism, a proposal that drew concern from American Evangelicals. 

Journalist Brandon Showalter discusses his new book “Exposing the Gender Lie: How to Protect Children and Teens from the Transgender Industry’s False Ideology,” and why he's passionate about fighting what he sees as a "demonic" push to redefine gender.

Nearly 40 churches around the world paid up to $100,000 or 3% of their tithes and offerings to Hillsong Church annually to be a part of the Hillsong Family network, which a whistleblower has alleged offers access to a global honorarium scheme meant to funnel additional income into the pockets of celebrity pastors through sophisticated means.

Quantum science will get us as close to understanding God as natural science can ever take us. In fact, certain discoveries and implications of quantum theory describe on the material level what the Bible reveals on the spiritual.