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Two years after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Pastor Tim Keller, the founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and City to City, shared an update, saying, “God has seen it fit to give me more time,” but a “a rigorous and demanding” procedure awaits him.

A 25-year-old Christian student in Nigeria’s Sokoto State was beaten to death and her body burned after her Muslim classmates purportedly found a blasphemous message she had sent to a school WhatsApp group, according to a persecution watchdog group.

Events that happened this week in Christian history include the birth of Pope John Paul II, the death of Jacob Albright, and the preaching of a famous sermon.

As streaming services increasingly push inappropriate content for children, the Skit Guys are on a mission to create family-friendly, clean content that honors — and pokes fun at — the Body of Christ. 

Police raided the home of a youth leader associated with the heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church while he was hosting a gathering for youth just days ago and detained him for interrogations, according to a report.

Parents and pastors, beware! The eagerly anticipated Disney “Toy Story” spinoff debuting in theaters centers on kid favorite, Buzz Lightyear, and his new space partner, Alicia, a lovable lesbian who “marries” her queer partner and greets her with a kiss on the lips as they start their family.

Whether you agree with their lifestyle, you have to respect how LGBTQ activists have fundamentally transformed American society in one generation. Inversely, during this same time, Bible-believing Christians and their values went from being in the mainstream of society to a shunned minority.