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I discovered much of the Judeo-Christian story from creation to salvation during a visit to Covington, a city in northern Kentucky directly across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. 

Events that happened this week in Christian history include the opening of the Creation Museum, President Richard Nixon speaking at a Billy Graham Crusade, and Thomas Campbell arriving in the United States.

Never give up praying for those hardened souls. Ask God to do what He does best — turn stone hearts into flesh. Let’s all pray and believe together that changed hearts are God’s greatest miracle.

Dallas Jenkins, the creator of the most successfully crowdfunded series of all time, “The Chosen,” said he's setting the record straight for the last time on the matter of whether he believes Mormons are Christians.

Bethel Music CEO Joel Taylor announced Friday that he's resigning from the popular worship ministry. 

A man who had served 33 years in prison for a murder he committed in 1987 has since helped lead hundreds of other inmates to faith in Jesus Christ through his work with a prison ministry.