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More than 120 people were reportedly baptized during a recent revival event on the Corpus Christi campus of Texas A&M University, a gathering that has spurred increased attendance in church young adult groups in recent weeks. 

Weighty topics such as Baptist political theology and the Conservative Resurgence were among several discussed during a conversation on “Baptist Public Theology, Democracy, and Principled Pluralism” hosted by the Land Center at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Islamic State-aligned extremists separated and massacred at least 11 Christians in northern Mozambique this month, exacerbating violence that has already displaced around 1 million people in the southern African country in recent years, according to reports.

Two-thirds of Evangelicals living in two-adult households donate to charity as a couple, even as individual spouses in many relationships have unequal influence over where the money goes, a new study suggests. 

Memorable events that occurred this week in Christian history include the approval of the creation of the Jesuit order, the death of Peter Cartwright, and a meeting of Catholics who opposed papal infallibility.

British police have decided not to press charges against a pro-life activist for praying silently outside an abortion clinic nearly a year after her pro-life advocacy first subjected her to adverse legal consequences. 

County officials in Northern California have rescinded a proclamation intended to "recognize the impact of religious beliefs on America's history" after criticism from local Jewish residents and church-state separation groups.

The darkest years of Phil and Kay Robertson’s life will be told in the upcoming film, “The Blind,” and the matriarch of the popular Duck Dynasty clan is sharing her struggles in detail to help other families learn how to escape the grip of Satan. 

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