Alex Murashko

CP Contributor

'Evangelicals for Marriage Equality' Say Supporters Are Not Compromising Christian Beliefs, Focus Is on Gov't Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages

The advocacy group "Evangelicals for Marriage Equality" responded to recent criticism from Christians arguing against the recognition of same-sex marriage by saying supporters of EME are not compromising Christian beliefs and are instead focused specifically on gay unions receiving the same government recognition and rights as traditional married couples do.

Back to the Bible CEO Stands by Decision to Fire Show Host John Munro Despite Megachurch Finding No Support for Allegation

Back to the Bible, the global radio and web ministry that recently fired show host Dr. John Munro for alleged "inappropriate conduct and behavior" as a result of an unspecified complaint, is standing by its decision to terminate its relationship with Munro, who is pastor of the largest church in Charlotte, despite the church recently declaring the pastor innocent of the allegation after an investigation.