Alieta Eck MD

CP Guest Contributor

Bobbing and Weaving on Hobby Lobby

A dangerous precedent? Against women? Really? What about the precedent of the ACA giving unelected bureaucrats the power to dictate what all Americans can be forced to pay for if they buy insurance? And what about the dangerous assumption that if insurance doesn't cover it, you can't have it?

Better Care for Medicaid Moms and Babies

One half of the babies in this country are born under the Medicaid system. This means that the young mothers are poor. Some are married, but more often the man, who once told her she was the love of his life, is now daunted by what he feels is overwhelming responsibility

Does Our Government Want Your Doctor to Quit Practicing Medicine?

As a physician in private practice I enjoys taking care of elderly patients. Because most retirees over age 65 who want to be insured have no choice but to enroll in the Medicare program, I have continued to cooperate with the program. The federal government wants to dictate what I do for my patients even if it might compromise my best judgment.

The Grown-Up Approach to the Fiscal Cliff

Now it might be completely understandable that a man brought up in the jungles of South America might not comprehend the concept of credit, but when an American brought up in the US education system believes similarly, one must wonder what is in the curriculum. Our people have the idea that the government gives things out for free. But the stark reality is that credit cards come due, the balance needs to be paid, and our government simply does not have the money. Any wise consumer knows that borrowing money to buy groceries cannot go on for long.