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Handling Life When It Seems All Is Lost

Hopelessness causes despair, a belief that no better way exists of resolving a problem, situation or circumstance. When things are hopeless, we tend to lose our desire to try and therefore just give up. We doubt that any help is possible.

What Makes a Bad Boss Bad?

How does the saying go? "One bad apple spoils the whole barrel." This is never more appropriate than when speaking of a bad boss.Almost every Christian worker has had a negative experience or two working for a bad boss. But, just in case you've managed to escape one, here are some tell-tale signs.

Pray for Godly Relationships

For Godly relationships to develop and flourish, we must not reject the truth about ourselves, going regularly to the cross, where the ground is always level and we are met with open arms.

Dealing with Job Search Dragons

Job search dragons exist wherever there is disagreement and conflict surrounding any phase of the search process. They are the result of poor communication no matter the reason or timing.

6 Keys to a Successful Job Search

The goal of your job search is to ultimately get a job! There are many things to consider.A successful job search is an effectively managed campaign or personal promotion to assist you in achieving your career goals.

Manage Stress by Controlling Your Anger

When most Christians think of stress, what comes to mind is usually basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to stress–especially how anger affects it than just the basics.

Overcoming Self-Doubt in a Job Search

After being laid off it's easy to succumb to self-doubt about being able to find a new job.You may think you don't have what it takes to run a successful job search campaign, so you give into feelings of inadequacy and just don't even try.

Top Career Books

In Finding the Career That Fits You, you will discover the person God made you to be through insightful looks at your personality, skills, life values, and vocational interests. Ellis and Burkett will walk you through the job-search process and give you the confidence you need to start or change your career.

Face Burnout and Survive

It IS possible to face burnout and survive to live another day. While burnout can happen to anyone, people who are driven to achieve are usually more prone to it. They tend to be overworked, over – booked, and over-productive.

13 Ways to Creatively Reduce Stress

One of the best ways to reduce and manage stress is to be kind to yourself. Yes, that's right, you can creatively manage stress at work and unwind from it in your personal life by being kind to yourself.

Worried About a Layoff?

In today's economic and business climate, who isn't worried about the possibility of job loss? To manage anxiety and be more proactive, learn to watch for layoff warning signs.

Distracted by a Sidetracked Career

A sidetracked career is full of distractions that break your concentration or focus. The frustrations, irritations, interruptions and events that take your mind off of goals, ambitions and dreams can wreak havoc on a career.

How to Respond to Criticism

It has been said that critics are "do nothing" people. If you are trying to accomplish anything great, you will be criticized by those who are doing nothing.

What to Do When You Are Caught in an Office Political Crossfire

You're in trouble…it seems that senior management has lost confidence in you. Your ideas are shot down at every turn and each decision you make is constantly questioned. Your ideas are shot down at every turn and each decision you make is constantly questioned. Your future with the company is precarious and uncertain.

Pray for Career Guidance

Have you ever wondered what God has planned for your career? In today's fast paced world, it's easy to ignore or miss the career plans God has made for each person.