Amanda Winkler

Christian Post Reporter

Heat Wave: Temperatures High Enough to Fry Egg on Sidewalk?

It is hot outside. This fact is not surprising to many readers as the entire U.S. has been under a rising heat dome for the past week. On Friday, the Washington D.C. area hit a heat index of 115 degrees. However, just how hot is it? Is it so hot that, as the old adage goes, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk?

Bachmann Releases Doctor's Note on Migraines

Michele Bachmann, Republican presidential candidate and Minnesota Representative, released on Wednesday a letter from the House Attending Physician’s office which confirmed that she suffered from infrequent migraines. The letter also said that she can control them “well” by using common therapy techniques often associated with chronic headaches.

Hacking Scandal Calls Into Question Rupert Murdoch's Legacy

Rupert Murdoch has captured headlines with his recent phone hacking scandal. The media mogul, who owns News Corporation and a myriad of subsidiary media organizations, has had to testify on charges that he was involved with illegally obtaining information by hacking into personal phones. While these charges seem scandalous and unethical, it pales in comparison to the ethical violations committed by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer.

Is the Taliban a Victim of Email Hacking?

It seems that today no one is immune from hacking scandals – not even the Taliban. The terrorist group claims that text messages and emails declaring the death of its top leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, were false

Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire Donates Top Dollars to Obama?

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has the reputation for being cozy with political conservatives. However, a government watchdog, Sunlight Foundation, has unearthed new finance data that reveals Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp, has ties to both sides of the political aisle. Sunlight claims that the top U.S. recipient of campaign donations from the media empire isn’t a Republican.

Republican Party No Longer Touts Faith, Values?

The Republican Party has long been the party to tout the “family values” and “faith” cards. As the party that courts the Christian Right, it would no doubt be profitable to do so. However, a recent makeover of the GOP website suggests that the party is aiming to cut ties with its claim to values and faith.

Heat Wave Warnings in 20 States; Tips on How to Avoid Heat Stroke

The persistent heat wave is proving relentless for many states as more warnings and advisories are being issued throughout the country. Twenty states have issued heat warnings or advisories and the heat dome that enveloped the southern and Midwestern states is making its way to the East Coast, according to forecasters.

U.K. Terrorist Threat Level Expected to Rise for Olympics

The security threat in the U.K. has been downgraded from “severe,” meaning a likely attack, to “substantial,” meaning a strong possibility of an attack. “Substantial” is the third level on a five level scale. According to the Telegraph, this is the same level as a potential terrorist attack from Irish terrorists.

Petraeus Hands Over Control in Afghanistan

U.S. General David Petraeus relinquished command of U.S. and NATO-led troops in Afghanistan on Monday. A new U.S. commander, Gen. John Allen, formally took control of the decade-long war that has cost the lives of 1,667 American men and women.

Top Al-Qaida Terrorist Presumed Dead

Another milestone has reportedly been reached in the U.S.-led fight against global terrorism. Ilyas Kashmiri, a top al-Qaida terrorist, is presumed dead after a drone strike in Pakistan last month.