Amanda Winkler

Christian Post Reporter

Bachmann Seen as Most Dangerous to Economy, Poll Finds

A Washington Post/Bloomberg poll released on the eve of the GOP candidate debate on economic policy reveals a possible reason why Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign continues to lose steam: voters believe she would do the most harm to the economy if elected president.

Obama Bashes but Accepts Big Bucks From Wall Street

President Obama has campaigned on the premise that Wall Street is “bad” for mainstream America. In June, he angered many financial industry executives by calling them “fat cats” and criticized their bonuses. However, that does not stop the President from accepting campaign donations from those same corporations to which he refers to as “corrupt” and “greedy.”

Mitt Romney Jabs at 'Anti-Mormon' Speakers

"Poisonous language does not advance our cause,” former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said while addressing the evangelical Christian audience at the Values Voter Summit Saturday. His words were a direct retribution to Bryan Fischer, a director at the American Family Association, who took the stage directly after Romney.

Values Voter Summit Straw Poll: Ron Paul Wins

Ron Paul was declared the winner of the Values Voter Summit Straw Poll of 2011. Paul’s ardent supporters, known for showing up at Republican conventions to vocally declare support for their candidate, filled the hotel auditorium Saturday morning.

Rick Perry: I Am a Conservative

After two weeks of negative press about his stand on immigration, Rick Perry addressed a conservative audience at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., on Friday. The Texas governor sought to ensure his waning Republican base that he is the most conservative candidate running for the presidency.

Catholics Claim Religious Liberties in Jeopardy

Appalling. Offensive. Invasive. These are the words the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and many rank-and-file Christians choose to use when describing a new regulation proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services, which will mandate that all private health plans in the United States cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives without charging any fees to the consumer.

Perry Defends Unpopular Immigration Policy

Rick Perry got a chance to defend his controversial immigration policies at a campaign stop in New Hampshire Saturday. The audience at the forum this weekend was particularly upset over Perry’s Texas policy that gives in-state tuition to children of illegal immigrants. In fact, in the last GOP debate, Perry caused a stir when he lashed out in defense of his policies by basically calling his opponents heartless.

Bachmann's Campaign Coming to a Halt?

It was just recently, on Aug. 13, that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann surprised many with her first place finish in the Iowa straw poll, propelling her to the front of the GOP presidential race. However, two months later it appears that the same state that paraded her to the front of the line may be causing her campaign to come to a screeching halt.

Perry Encounters Protests on Campaign Trail

Texas Gov. Rick Perry wined and dined with Republican donors Thursday in Charlotte, N.C. However, the dinner wasn’t all smiles and giggles. The fundraiser, which was held at a Tex-Mex restaurant, also drew protesters who were angry about the GOP presidential frontrunner’s stance on immigration.

Florida Presses to Move GOP Primary Earlier

Florida is causing a stir among the GOP as it appears ready to schedule its Republican primary on Jan. 31, which is earlier than the national party officials expected. This would set off a domino effect, making some states leapfrog Florida and move their primary date even closer, possibly in early January.

Is Rick Perry's Campaign in Trouble?

Texas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry had a bad week last week and it ended with many political pundits seriously questioning his ability to win the Republican party’s nomination. After a lackluster debate last Thursday and losing the Florida straw poll over the weekend, it is evident that Perry’s once smooth-sailing campaign is hitting quite a few bumps.

American Hikers Recount Horror, Criticize US Policies

After 781 days in an Iranian prison with no outside communication, two Americans were freed from captivity last week under a $1 million bail deal. After spending time with family in Oman, they are now back on U.S. soil and eager to speak out about their ordeal.

Bill Clinton: Israel Not Interested in Peace Process

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to blame for the failed peace process with the Palestinians, according to former U.S. President Bill Clinton. In a discussion with bloggers Thursday at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, the former president lamented on past failures to achieve peace between the two countries and gave harsh criticism to the current prime minister.