Amanda Winkler

Christian Post Reporter

More Seniors Getting a Nip and Tuck

Whoever says a senior citizen has to just sit in their rocking chair and knit all day while talking about the weather, clearly hasn’t met Marie Kolstad. At age 83 she is a part of the growing trend among senior citizens opting to get plastic surgery in order to improve their looks.

'Dougherty Gang': Who Are They?

Lee Grace Dougherty, a dancer at the Cheaters strip club in Cocoa Beach, Florida, is no stranger to crime. Just this past May, court records reveal that the woman was charged with multiple felonies after a traffic accident in South Brevard. She allegedly left the scene of the accident.

Casey Anthony Living in $5.2M Mansion?

Nancy Grace reported that neighbors had spotted Anthony living in a five-bedroom, five-bathroom, $5.2 million mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. The house reportedly belongs to one of Anthony’s former defense attorney, Todd Macaluso.

Palin Gets Kid Gloves From Fox News, Personalities Say

It’s probably not shocking news to learn that Fox News’ personalities go easier on their colleague Sarah Palin than other networks do. However, what has created a media stir up this week was just how honest two personalities, Greg Gutfeld and Bob Beckel, were when talking about their coverage of Palin on Wednesday.

DB Cooper Mystery Solved?

Marla Cooper has consistently claimed she’s sure her uncle was the infamous hijacker known as DB Cooper. Police never seriously investigated her claim as their offices have been inundated with people falsely claiming familial relations with DB. Now, however, ABC has learned that new information could prove Cooper’s statements true.

Pornography Harms Women, Invades the Church

Thirty percent of women are addicted to it. Sixty-seven percent of men say they look at it at least once a month. “It” refers to pornography. Morality in Media, a national organization opposing pornography and indecency, is fighting to combat this growing trend

Heat Wave: No Relief in Sight for Most of US

While the North and East coast regions have experienced a tad dip in temperatures from last week’s boiling weather, the Midwest and South have not been so lucky. Accuweather declared on Sunday that these regions can expect high temperatures to continue at least until the next week. Most of the central United States is under excessive heat advisory for this week.

TLC Reality Series Features Muslim American Families

This fall a reality series entitled “All American Muslim” will premiere on TLC. The series will follow five Muslim families living in one of the country’s largest Muslim communities, Dearborn, Mich. The town is also home to the largest mosque in the United States.

Young Girl's Death Inspires Thousands to Give, Fulfill Her Goal

Family and friends remember Rachel Beckwith as a very caring and generous girl who wanted to help others. Before her June 12th birthday, Beckwith told those she loved that she only wanted gifts in the form of donations to be made to Charity Water to help bring clean water to an African village. She wanted to raise $300 by her birthday. The 9-year-old eventually reached that goal but was not alive to see it.