Audrey Barrick

Christian Post Reporter

4-Year-Old Preaches Like His Pentecostal Dad

He's only a pre-schooler, but Kanon Tipton has become a YouTube sensation with his pentecostal preaching. Millions have viewed video clips of Tipton as a 21-month-old and now as a 4-year-old preaching from the pulpit of his father's church

Film Rejecting Modern Youth Ministry Stirs Debate

"Divided," a newly released documentary that criticizes modern youth ministry as unbiblical, has sparked wide debate among Christians. While some have praised the film for tackling what many see as a crisis – youths leaving the church – others say Christians would be better off ignoring it.

Facebook Sends Pro-Life Message?

Facebook may have inadvertently made a pro-life statement when it added "Expected: Child" to its list of family tags this week. That's what Focus on the Family's president, Jim Daly, believes.