'Journey to Christmas' Seeks to Offer Authentic Christmas Story

Take a Christian who’s lost his faith, an agnostic with a Jewish heritage, a cheerful personality whose life’s mission is to spread sunshine, an artist searching for something deeper, and a woman who loves adventures and you’ve got “Journey to Christmas.” And no, this isn’t another cheesy Christmas story – it’s real.

Church Creates First Virtual Christmas Choir

Going to church to rehearse Christmas Carols or the latest Christmas tunes has become a routine part of the Christmas season. Those unable to physically make it to rehearsal usually miss out, but this year a New Jersey-based church is making it possible for anyone with a computer to be part of the melodious Christmas cheer.

Daughter of Francis Chan to Release Debut Album

Rachel Chan’s upcoming debut album Go will be the best Christian album to come for its creativity. Daughter of world renowned bestseller and preacher Francis Chan, the 15-year-old's debut album consists of 10 tracks which Rachel co-wrote with seasoned producer Dave Lubben.

Michael W. Smith Presents Glory

Michael W. Smith's newest album, Glory, is a beautiful addition to Smith's long and impressive list of work. Each track works brilliant on its own but when pieced together create a cohesive piece of art.

Christian Hip-Hop Brings Nigerians to Christ

The fruits of Christian hip-hop are becoming clearer in America as the ears of urban youth are being attracted to the Gospel through a medium that not only preaches the gospel, but raps it. But its reach is expanding beyond the boundaries of the West and capturing the audience of Nigeria’s youth, which is evident in IBK, a rising Nigerian Christian rapper whose music is helping to bring his countrymen to Christ.

Does Glee Encourage Promiscuity?

Back at it again, Tuesday night’s episode of “Glee” gave viewers much more than show tunes and the average teen drama. The melodious teens once again casually tackled the topic of sex and may have left some wondering if the show is intentionally promoting promiscuity.

Gateway Takes Worship to Another Level With 'Great Great God'

Contemporary Christian band Gateway Worship will release their newest album, Great Great God. As a live album, you can instantly feel the hearts they touch as you begin to drift deep into the music. Each track is filled to the brim with passion, conviction and love that will linger with you for years and years to come.

Gospel Legend Andrae Crouch Returns to Take Fans on a 'Journey'

Award-winning musician Andrae Crouch has done it again with his newest album, The Journey, once again showing his pure talent to bring listeners closer to God. From beginning to end, the album provides a rollercoaster of emotions that will bring you to your feet with praise or fill you with tears of joy.

Aaron Shust to Welcome Third Son After Tragedy With Second

Serving God through the good times and bad is what many strive for – until bad times hit and we learn how conditional our faith has been. But contemporary Christian artist Aaron Shust has proven to be a man of unshakable faith, experiencing tragedy with his second son’s illness. The artist and his wife are now preparing to welcome their third child.