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  • Officials in Sudan Threaten to Raze Three Church Buildings

    Local authorities have threatened to demolish three church buildings in Omdurman as part of a long-standing bid to rid Sudan of Christianity, Christian sources told Compass.

  • The Double Lives of Iraq's Christian Children

    Nuria’s parents became Christians seven years ago. Life was easier for her parents before she and her sisters went to school. Her dad, a carpenter, used to speak openly about his faith. These days he is not so brave; he has had to change jobs one too many times because his employers discovered his faith.

  • Egyptians Mourn Massacre of Coptic Christians

    Funeral services were held Monday in Cairo for some of the victims of a military attack against a group of Christian protestors that left 26 dead and hundreds wounded.

  • Students at Orphanage in India Forced to Pay Idol Worship Fee

    Hindu extremists in West Bengal, India who earlier this year refused to admit Christian orphans to a high school have forced them to contribute funds for idol worship in order to gain admission, sources said.

  • Pakistani Muslims Fire on Christians in Land-Grab, Killing One

    Muslims in Pakistan’s Mian Channu area in southern Punjab Province shot dead an unarmed Christian man and injured 21 others, six of them critically, in an attempted land-grab on Wednesday.

  • Progress in Pakistani Rape Case, but Alleged Victim's Father Dies

    A Christian mother of five who was allegedly raped by two Muslims rejoiced after police in Pakistan’s Kasur district arrested a suspect and suspended an officer who had dismissed her complaints, but her solace was short-lived when her father collapsed and died Friday night (Sept. 30) after learning of her ordeal.

  • Why Is Islamic Extremism Growing in Indonesia?

    The suicide bombing of a church in Central Java on Sept. 25 pointed not only to a new level of attacks on religious minorities in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country but to a political bent that accommodates Islamist extremism.

  • Hard-line Muslims in Egypt Attack Coptic Church, Homes

    A group of hard-line Muslims attacked a church building in Upper Egypt Friday afternoon, torching the structure and then looting and burning nearby Christian-owned homes and businesses.

  • Killings in S. Kordofan Cast Shadow over Christians in Sudan

    Failure by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and allied Islamic militia to distinguish between combatants and civilians in territorial battles in South Kordofan state is due in part to a desire to rid the area of Christianity, local Christians say.

  • Christian Girl, Family in Pakistan Expelled Over Misspelling

    An eighth-grade student in Pakistan has been expelled from school and her family forced to relocate after the Christian girl misspelled an Urdu word, leading to accusations of “blasphemy,” sources said.