Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

The Rapture Doctrine Every Christian Can Celebrate

When "Left Behind" starring Nicolas Cage gets released in theaters in a couple months, it will create quite a buzz about "the rapture." And it will be a terrific opportunity for people to discuss an event that is most certainly coming to a planet near you.

7 Characteristics of a Double-Minded Believer

A double-minded believer is someone who is constantly living in a state of compromise. Half of you lives for God, while the other half lives for your bad habit. Hence, you are "double-minded." As you consider whether or not that experience describes your current situation, here are 7 characteristics of a double-minded believer:

How 'The Giving Pledge' Compares to Christianity

It is often rather enlightening to compare and contrast Christianity with other noble pursuits going on in the world today. One such pursuit is "The Giving Pledge." Initiated by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates, this pledge consists of "a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy."

7 Ways Man's Heart Resists Christ's Lordship

When it comes to the internal struggles of man, "the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" (Jeremiah 17:9) No wonder man resists the Lordship of Christ in his life. And here are 7 ways he does it:

Did God Forget to Answer My Prayer?

True prayer is intended to change us. Just think about it from heaven's perspective for a second. God could obviously choose to always give us exactly what we request, but the Lord is after something deeper. And what might that be you ask? God wants us to trust Him entirely.

Only America Smuggles Immigrants State to State

In case you haven't noticed, it is not only the southern border of our nation that is being brazenly violated on a daily basis. Now even the borders between our states in America are being shamelessly breached. And amazingly, this unbelievable transgression is being paid for with your tax dollars as it gets facilitated by employees of our federal government.

7 Reasons to Completely Trust the Bible

If you have any doubts about the supremacy and divine inspiration of the Bible, there is no reason to continue entertaining those doubts and reservations. But there are plenty of solid reasons to take God at His Word.

Should Good Samaritans Be Border Security Advocates?

Most Americans are deeply appreciative that our nation has welcomed millions of immigrants throughout our history. But is it possible to sustain a practice whereby social services are freely provided to anyone who can sneak across the border? Does such a practice ever reach a tipping point where it becomes self-defeating and detrimental to everyone in the nation?

7 Reasons Man Is Embarrassed of Jesus

There is something about the name of "Jesus" that causes a lot of people to become embarrassed. If the reaction wasn't so widespread and so noticeable, you could perhaps just write it off as a fluke. But given the constant reality of this phenomenon, one is led to wonder, "What's up with all this embarrassment over Jesus?"

4 Barriers to Getting Through to God

Have you been having a hard time lately getting through to God? If so, it's not because He has gone anywhere. He is right where He has always been. But things can come between us and God, especially when those issues go unresolved.

Facebook Down Could Lead to Spirituality Up

During that down time, someone tweeted: "Hold me Twitter. Hold me close. Please get me through this." Hmm. Humorous yes, but also revealing. That person was experiencing a temporary void. And one that people seem determined these days to constantly keep filled with some form of social media.

Trusting God Is Easier Than You Think

Some Christians seem to be able to trust God no matter what happens. Perhaps you feel like, "I could never have that kind of faith." Are you sure about that? Don't be too quick to sell yourself short on matters of faith. Here are 7 reasons why:

Carl Lentz, Kirsten Powers and Secular Pulpits

Two Christians who each have a large platform in America today are columnist Kirsten Powers and Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC. Both of them are reaching thousands of people with their ideas and their convictions. And both of them seem to be filled with tremendous compassion and a deep measure of Christ's love.

7 Ways Religion Can Mess You Up

Much of what takes place in the realm of religion is actually dangerous to your soul. It leaves you worse off after engaging in it. Check out these 7 ways religion can mess you up:

Do You Believe Jesus Died for Nothing?

As you attempt to wrap your mind around the Christian message, it is important to come to terms with the Father's love for the Son. If the death of Jesus doesn't provide the only way into God's family as taught in Scripture, then the Bible contradicts itself and the Father's love for the Son is seriously called into question. After all, what father truly loves his son if he sends him to die for no good reason?

Do New Testament Rules Facilitate Christian Living?

Why did the Holy Spirit include rules for holy living in the New Testament? After all, the Old Testament Law was firmly established. So were these rules really needed, especially after Jesus died for our sins? Yes indeed. Otherwise God would not have included them in the New Testament.

Will You Take the Hand of Jesus?

In Michelangelo's famous painting, "The Creation of Adam," the hand of God is almost touching the hand of Adam. When God came into the world in the Person of Jesus Christ, the hand of God "closed the gap" and lovingly took the hand of sinners in order to bring us into His family. But not everyone is interested in taking the hand of Jesus. Not by a long shot.

7 Positive Ways to Deal with Anger

We all get angry at times. It's a part of life. So how can we cope with these inflamed emotions without doing something we will later regret? Here are 7 positive ways to deal with anger:

Can Words Really Give Someone Eternal Life?

Helen Keller said, "In a word, literature is my Utopia." But did you realize some words can actually give a person eternal life? I am not talking about an imaginary place, but rather, a real paradise in a real place called "heaven." It's true. Perhaps hard for you to believe, but nevertheless true.