Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

4 Barriers to Getting Through to God

Have you been having a hard time lately getting through to God? If so, it's not because He has gone anywhere. He is right where He has always been. But things can come between us and God, especially when those issues go unresolved.

Facebook Down Could Lead to Spirituality Up

During that down time, someone tweeted: "Hold me Twitter. Hold me close. Please get me through this." Hmm. Humorous yes, but also revealing. That person was experiencing a temporary void. And one that people seem determined these days to constantly keep filled with some form of social media.

Trusting God Is Easier Than You Think

Some Christians seem to be able to trust God no matter what happens. Perhaps you feel like, "I could never have that kind of faith." Are you sure about that? Don't be too quick to sell yourself short on matters of faith. Here are 7 reasons why:

Carl Lentz, Kirsten Powers and Secular Pulpits

Two Christians who each have a large platform in America today are columnist Kirsten Powers and Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC. Both of them are reaching thousands of people with their ideas and their convictions. And both of them seem to be filled with tremendous compassion and a deep measure of Christ's love.

7 Ways Religion Can Mess You Up

Much of what takes place in the realm of religion is actually dangerous to your soul. It leaves you worse off after engaging in it. Check out these 7 ways religion can mess you up:

Do You Believe Jesus Died for Nothing?

As you attempt to wrap your mind around the Christian message, it is important to come to terms with the Father's love for the Son. If the death of Jesus doesn't provide the only way into God's family as taught in Scripture, then the Bible contradicts itself and the Father's love for the Son is seriously called into question. After all, what father truly loves his son if he sends him to die for no good reason?

Do New Testament Rules Facilitate Christian Living?

Why did the Holy Spirit include rules for holy living in the New Testament? After all, the Old Testament Law was firmly established. So were these rules really needed, especially after Jesus died for our sins? Yes indeed. Otherwise God would not have included them in the New Testament.

Will You Take the Hand of Jesus?

In Michelangelo's famous painting, "The Creation of Adam," the hand of God is almost touching the hand of Adam. When God came into the world in the Person of Jesus Christ, the hand of God "closed the gap" and lovingly took the hand of sinners in order to bring us into His family. But not everyone is interested in taking the hand of Jesus. Not by a long shot.

7 Positive Ways to Deal with Anger

We all get angry at times. It's a part of life. So how can we cope with these inflamed emotions without doing something we will later regret? Here are 7 positive ways to deal with anger:

Can Words Really Give Someone Eternal Life?

Helen Keller said, "In a word, literature is my Utopia." But did you realize some words can actually give a person eternal life? I am not talking about an imaginary place, but rather, a real paradise in a real place called "heaven." It's true. Perhaps hard for you to believe, but nevertheless true.

7 Reasons the Bible Is So Relevant

No one in the universe is more relevant than God, and so it makes sense that Scripture (comprised of 66 books) is the most relevant message ever presented. Without God, you and I would not be here. And without the Bible, we wouldn't be able to discern which things in life are truly the most relevant. So check out these 7 facts which demonstrate the Bible's relevance:

Your Spirit Cannot Breathe Without 'Spiritual Oxygen'

Without oxygen, your body will die. And without "spiritual oxygen," your spirit cannot come alive. Only the Lord can give life to your body. And only the Holy Spirit can give "spiritual oxygen" to your spirit. The Christian life is as miraculous as breath itself. Receiving life-giving oxygen into your spirit is as easy as taking your first breath after being born. It just happens.

Do Multiple Worship Services Hinder Congregational Unity?

Try this experiment. Ask some of your friends how they handle Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. See if you can find even one family who "breaks up" their family gathering into an "early shift" and a "late shift." My guess is that you don't know anyone who approaches it in that divided fashion.

Lindsay Lohan's 'List of Lovers' Is Illustrative

The list contains 36 names. And Lindsay Lohan allegedly penned this list of her sexual conquests and shared it with her friends. For all we know, she never slept with anyone on the list. Or perhaps she slept with all of them. Either way, this story illustrates the emptiness of sex without love.

Are Christians Encouraged by Your Positive Presence?

Some believers just ooze with encouragement. They are such a delight to be around. I am blessed to serve as a pastor in a church where people truly encourage one another. How about you? Do you have that blessing in your life? I sure hope so because we all need it.

Why You Shouldn't Take Yourself Too Seriously

It's one thing to take your work seriously, but it's another altogether to take yourself seriously. Our work as Christians is certainly to be done with the utmost of care and devotion. But the minute we get too wrapped up in ourself is the minute we start to go in a wrong direction.

What Would Jesus Say to Churches Today?

If Jesus walked into your church this weekend, what do you think He would say? Would He primarily affirm the good things going on, or would the bulk of our Lord's comments likely be corrective in nature? In reality, His words would probably include both affirmations and corrections. That's at least the way He did it with seven churches at the end of the first century.

Does a 'Christian Gene' Exist Within Believers?

But just who is the wise man? Is it the one with the highest IQ, or maybe the person who loves others the most? Some people are genuinely kind, while others seem to be downright mean-spirited. Is that a result of DNA, or something else entirely?