Dan Delzell

Christian Post Contributor

Biblical Christianity Is Not a One-Night Stand

The life of a Jesus follower is very similar to a successful marriage. It begins with the joining together of two who desire to live together forever. It continues to persevere through both the easy times and the rough times. It is a relationship based on love, trust, commitment and friendship. It is far more than a one-time decision. That will only get a man and woman through the honeymoon or a "new Christian" through a few Sunday services. When the rubber hits the road and the challenges come into the relationship, it will either grow stronger and last or grow weaker and break up.

The Threat of Punishment as a Deterrent

Parents use it constantly. So do teachers, as well as police officers. The threat of punishment is used everyday all over the world to try to deter people from taking the wrong course of action. It is no wonder almost everyone uses it.

The Twin Towers That Touched Us All

This weekend marks 10 years since the historic events of 9/11. The courage of the first responders and the bravery of the heroes on Flight 93 are the epitome of what it means to be willing to lay down your life for others. Those amazing stories of sacrifice are still not enough to make sense out of that terrible attack or the consequences of it.

Can I Get a Witness?

There is a tradition among some African-American congregations for a speaker to seek affirmations when sharing a personal testimony or spiritual insight. As a way of inviting others to clap or shout “Amen,” the speaker will ask the question, “Can I get a witness?”

The Gospel of Inclusion and Confusion

President Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary is helping us to better understand the full implications of the emerging gospel of Rob Bell. An obvious question for Richard Mouw and Rob Bell is this: Did Mother Teresa go to heaven according to your gospel even if she was trusting in her acts of mercy to earn her way into heaven?