Eric Metaxas

Christian Post Contributor

Are Secular Folks Rethinking Sex?

Unless you've been under a rock for the last few weeks, you've heard about the plethora of #MeToo reports of sexual harassment and abuse perpetrated by politicians, actors and the news media.

Why Johnny Can't Read … the Bible

It's simply impossible for kids to be fully educated without basic knowledge of the world's greatest book. Without the Bible, students can't really understand fully the English language, English literature, history, art, music or culture.

Reviving the Churches of Rural America

Overall, the country's "non-metro" areas have lost an average of 43,000 residents every year since 2010. So it's hardly surprising that urban and suburban ministry is a focus for so many. But what about the lost sheep scattered in the countryside? Their churches are shrinking and their pastors are disappearing.

'Mully' the Magnificent: Go See This Film

If you've ever wondered what it would look like for someone to take up the Lord on His offer, literally, then I invite you—no, make that I urge you—to see a fantastic new documentary called "Mully." The title won't bowl you over, but I am pretty sure the film will.

The Importance of Good News: Headlines You're Not Hearing

There have been vast improvements in human flourishing worldwide. Yet why do a vanishingly small six percent of Americans think the world as a whole is becoming a better place? We can blame the press for overplaying the worst stories but the blame also falls on our shoulders.