Eric Young

Christian Post Reporter

'Bible Across America' Tour Nearing End

The "Bible Across America" tour is hanging out for the next several days around the Dallas area, where it hopes to conclude a nearly six month-journey that has reached cities throughout the continental United States.

The 'Grassley 6': Where Are They Now?

It's been more than a year since the ranking Republican on the Senate Committee of Finance called out six televangelists suspected of opulent spending and possible abuse of their nonprofit status.

Southwest 'Porn Plane' Too Edgy for Some

Southwest Airlines, which for years has boasted of its "unique corporate culture and family-friendly environment," has been getting a lot of flak over the past month since the unveiling of a not-so-family-friendly plane.

Youth Pastors Encouraged to Learn Self-Defense

Given the number of church shootings that have increased across the country, pastoral ministry could be considered an at-risk profession, according to an instructor of a fighting method used for Hollywood movies such as "The Dark Knight."