Greg Laurie

CP Contributor

Longing for a Father: A Story About David Cassidy

I recently watched a documentary on the life of David Cassidy titled David Cassidy: The Last Session, and let me tell you, it was just absolutely heartbreaking. To me, the story could be summed up this way: David had a deep longing for a father.

Thoughts on the Tragic Death of Fashion Icon Kate Spade

Kate's death follows other well-known designers who have tragically taken their own lives in the same way. L'Wren Scott in March 2014, and British designer Alexander McQueen four years earlier. In just the last year, musician Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Soundgarden's lead singer also committed suicide by hanging. Comedian Robin Williams did the same.

Why I'm Coming to Texas for Harvest America on June 10

Texas is changing rapidly, with many new people streaming in from around the nation and the world. You might say the world is literally coming to Texas. Also, two of the most recent mass shootings also happened in Texas, of all places. Yes, even Texas needs Jesus.

Why Prayer Matters

If you want to grow spiritually, there are certain things you don't want in your life – and there are other things you do. There are certain principles that constantly must be in play in your life, and one of them is prayer.

We Must Be Patient When Sharing Our Faith

When God tells me I need to be patient when it comes to sharing my faith, it's not that easy for me. I like results. However, just as a fisherman often must sit quietly in his boat for hours at a time patiently awaiting the first bite, so we who "fish for people" must be patient.

How Long Does It Take to Trust in Christ?

Have you lost hope today? It has been said that man can live 40 days without food, three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only one second without hope. Jesus Christ can give you hope today, just like he gave to the thief on the cross.

God Is Bigger Than Your Problem!

An unexpected crisis has come your way in life. Maybe your spouse has said he wants out of the marriage. Maybe your child has told you she doesn't want to be a Christian. Maybe you've found out that you have a serious health issue. Whatever it may be, you know it's something beyond your ability to fix.

A Sin Prevalent in Church Today

As Christians we don't want to break God's commandments, which would be committing sins of commission. But we also can be guilty of the sin of omission, which is not doing what we should.

'This Is Not a Drill!'

There is no escaping the realities of life . . . and death, even in a place as beautiful as Hawaii. One day, it will not be a false alarm. Be ready for whatever emergency comes your way. There is no more important thing.

Celebrating Christmas the Way It Should Be

We've romanticized Christmas or even homogenized it, taking the real edge off the story that God Almighty came down from heaven to be born on the floor of a stable. To think that God did all this for us is more powerful than any romanticized version of Christmas.

Tribulations, Faith and the Afterlife

We talk about the afterlife, but perhaps we ought to call the life we are living right now "the before-life." This life, compared to the afterlife, is very short. What we do with Jesus determines where we will spend this afterlife.

The End of the Line

The end of the line comes to every man and every woman. It comes for rock superstars and people we've never heard of. It comes to the rich and the poor. It comes to the good and the bad. It will come to you, and it will come to me. There is no escaping it.

How to Conquer a Giant in Your Life

We all have giants that we face in life, things that may seem like insurmountable problems. Giants defeat us again and again because we face them in our own strength — and we lose.