Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

5 Steps to Get Your Pastor on Board With Your Youth Ministry

I talk to youth leaders across the country, many of whom feel like their pastors are not fully behind their youth ministry efforts. Speaking as a former church planter and preaching pastor, here are a few tips that will help get your Sr. Pastor on board with you and your youth ministry:

10 Lessons I'm Learning From Parenting a Teenager

I had parenting all figured out before I had kids. I watched the videos, read the books and even preached a few sermons on it. Then my wife and I had children and all but a handful of key principles blew away like dust (from the top of a teen boy's desk) in the wind.

Using 'The (Donald) Trump Card' in Evangelism

What it is about is how such a lightning rod subject Donald Trump is and how easy it is to use him as a Gospel conversation starter. Because EVERYONE seems to have an opinion about him and many are just itching to express it.

Gun Control and the Gospel

What happened at Umpqua Community College was at a level of malevolence beyond any earthly explanation or solution. Like a river of magma underneath the earth's crust, unimaginable evil burst forth yesterday. Tragically, it's eruption extinguished ten precious lives and devastated countless others.

7 Reasons Why Some Churches Don't Grow

After having co-planted and co-pastored a church for ten years in the Denver area and having preached in churches across the nation, quietly evaluating what makes them work (or not), here is my list of non-scientific reasons why some churches don't grow.

5 Things Starbucks Can Teach About Effective Evangelism

So how can Starbucks saturate the physical cravings of decaffeinated Americans and the church cannot satisfy the spiritual thirst of Americans with the living water? After all, there are only 12,000 Starbucks coffee shops in the United States and there are over 300,000 Protestant churches! That's right! We outnumber Starbucks by 25 to 1!

A Resolution That Could Start a Revolution (#STUMIN)

Tis the season for, well, resolutions. And when it comes to resolutions we tend to think of a limited amount of categories. These categories can range from exercising off our newly acquired egg-nog induced fat layers to doing a complete financial makeover. While Tony Horton and Dave Ramsey may be able help you in these two areas, I cannot. But what I can do is challenge youth leaders

Dear Hollywood,

We know that you are in the movie/money making business. So, in light of some of the box office stumbles you've made recently (Noah and Exodus: Gods and Kings) I thought I'd pass on a little advice from a Christian who appreciates good film making and who is excited about the prospect of epic Biblical stories being turned into epic blockbuster movies.

10 Reasons I Thought the Exodus Movie Was Lame

It depicted God as an angry 5th grade-ish looking boy who kept appearing throughout the movie to awkwardly confront Moses. The previews made the movie look like it aligned with the Biblical account. It wasn't even close.

7 Reasons Your Teenagers Aren't Sharing Their Faith More Often

Think "outreach" in youth ministry and we automatically think "event." The words go together like "dodge" and "ball". The challenge is that our teenagers themselves are our biggest outreach "event". Because the average teenager has around 400 online and face-to-face friends they must be inspired, equipped and unleashed to engage them in Gospel conversations.

10 Things I Would Tell You as a First Time Visitor to Your Church

As a "traveling evangelist" I've had the privilege of preaching in churches from coast to coast. And, until I have the microphone on over my ear, most people have no clue that I'll be the preacher that day, so most treat me like a first time visitor. Over the course of many years of visiting churches I have had great experiences as a guest along with some not-so-great ones.

Re-Heroizing Missions Work to the Next Generation

I believe youth ministry is facing mission-drift when it comes to missions work. Far too many of our younger youth leaders view the "missionary" as an ancient relic of a bygone era whose place is as a dimly lit picture in the foyer of a steepled church on a "Go ye into all the world" wall. Missionaries are either ignored, marginalized or viewed as a necessity to pacify older tithers in the church and keep them happy.

I Was the Dirty, Little Family Secret

I remembered the strange spelling of my biological father's name from the birth certificate. You see I had never met Toney. He and my mom had a very short term relationship. As a result she got pregnant. When he found out, he got transferred (he was in the Army.)

5 Battle Strategies for Youth Leaders When It Comes to Fighting Lust

It's the secret youth leader battle that's not so secret. All of us know down deep inside that the pot of hormones simmering underneath can turn into a boil in a micro-second. Given the right conditions any of us could fall, not just into lust, but into moral sin with someone we are ministering with or to in our youth groups.