Jim Denison

Christian Post Columnist

A 'Bomb Cyclone' Is Coming

If you're in the path of Winter Storm Grayson, know that you are also in the presence of the One who promises, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

15 Minutes Could Change Your Year

New Year's Day is far more significant than an annual day to change our calendars and watch football. It points to our innate need as fallen creatures to start over with our Creator.

Why Is Christmas on December 25?

As you prepare to celebrate Christmas in three days, remember that Christ could return tomorrow. The best way to honor our Lord's birth is by being ready for His return.

You Spent $22 Million Investigating UFOs

Have you heard of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program? Neither had I. But the New York Times is reporting that this little-known government agency spent $22 million of our tax dollars between 2007 and 2012 investigating unidentified flying objects.

A Retraction I Am Delighted to Make

I am delighted to retract my description of David Berkowitz as "evil." He is not who he was. His transformation shows that the gospel that changed Paul's life still changes lives today.

Is This the Key to Long Life?

God wants us to care for our physical bodies even as we care for our souls. He grieves when we are sick and suffering and wants us to pray for health and long life

Great White Shark Nearly Beheads Diver

However, Islamic terrorists, cyber-hackers and football players who blindside other football players are clearly making immoral choices. What's more, they illustrate a larger narrative I'd like to explore and relate to the grace of Christmas today.

Defender of the Faith Defends His Integrity

Ravi Zacharias was an atheist until the age of seventeen, when he tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison. At the hospital, a Christian worker brought him a Bible and asked his mother to read to him from John 14. When he heard verse nineteen, "Because I live, you also will live," he committed his life to Christ.