Joyce Meyer

Christian Post Guest Columnist

A Season of Preparation: Getting Ready for All God Has for You

In much the same way, you and I go through spiritually dormant seasons. These are the seasons when God seems silent…when our dreams and visions for the future seem lifeless. But although we may not see or feel anything exciting, it doesn't mean nothing is happening. A lot has to happen on the inside of us before we are ready to handle the future God has for us.

Do You Have a Vision for Your Future?

The older we get, the faster time seems to pass. Before we know it, the ambitions, hopes and dreams of our youth become absorbed and forgotten in the background of life, until one day we reflect back and wonder, Should I have done things differently? Did I choose the right path? Is it too late to be what I wanted to be?

The Lord Is Your Healer

Did you know that God cares about every single part of your life? He isn't only concerned with your spiritual health, but He desires for you to be healthy in every area.

Letting Go of the Dead Stuff in Your Life

Have you ever hired a professional to prune a tree in your yard? Well, Dave and I hire someone to do that for us and there are times when he cuts the branches back so far that I've said to him, "There is nothing left. You have totally destroyed our tree!" But he says, "You just watch and see." And sure enough, before long the tree is much better looking than it was before.

Wisdom and Encouragement for Stressed-Out Souls

It seems that so many people are constantly busy and overwhelmed with the activities of daily life. But it's not God's will for you to be frustrated. He doesn't want you to be stressed-out about everything that you're expected to do. So if you find yourself feeling pressured to get things done, I want to help you fix that.

Watch God Work in Your Life Continually

God wants us to continually make good choices for our lives. So He's given us the Bible – His Word – as an instruction book to live by. The thing is, once we know what it says, we're responsible to do what it says. There's never a time when it's all right to do the wrong thing.

Learning to Manage Anger and Walk in Peace

We have all experienced anger at some point in our lives, and it can be a real problem. Though it starts as a harmless feeling, it can quickly grow into something dangerous that's hard to control. But with God's help, we can learn how to deal with our feelings and walk in His peace

Learning to Love Like Jesus

I did it all wrong for years. And I was miserable! I'm talking about my attitude and my stinkin' thinkin' that was focused on the thought "What about me?!" And it came out in my behavior: If I didn't get my way all the time, I tried to control other people through my temper.

How to Overcome Fear From Satan

Fear is an enemy that torments the soul and seeks to steal our life. Conquering it is not something that we do in one day, or even in 1,000 days. It is something that we conquer one day at a time with God's help.

Be Selfish or Happy – It's a Choice You Can Make

One of the greatest lessons I've learned is that you can't be both selfish and happy. I know this is true through my own personal experience, but more importantly, the Bible has some things to say about the attitude we should have about "self."

How You Can Walk Step by Step into a Brand-New Life

I have read that as much as 40 percent of everything we do is performed purely out of habit. A habit is something we do without even thinking. It's a behavior that is developed through frequent repetition. First we form habits…and then they form us. We are what we repeatedly do!

How to Have Peace, Joy in Your Life

I'm sure everybody desires to have a good life. But what do most people consider the good life? Many go after a bigger house or car, a better paying job while others seek education, marriage or other achievements with great passion. And why…because many are convinced these are the things that will give them happiness, peace and fulfillment.

Why You Need to Make God Your First Priority

So, why do many people seek the "things" first? Many people's top priorities seem to be jobs, houses, cars or other material things. To seek means "to crave, pursue, to make sacrifices to get, to go after with all of your strength and all of your heart." It is a mistake to crave and pursue possessions, believing they will give us the lasting peace, joy and contentment that only come from God's presence in our lives.

How to Go Deeper With God

Years ago, while I was praying one day for something I wanted, God spoke a life-changing truth to my heart. He said, "Joyce, seek My face and not My hand. If you seek My face, My hand will always be open."

The Secrets to Being Consistently Content

Would you say you're happy with your life? Are you satisfied and content? If your answer is no, I have good news for you: You can learn how to be content – no matter where you are in life or what your circumstances may be.

Trusting God When You Don't Understand

Can you think of a time when you felt like, "What in the world is going on in my life? Why did that happen to me? When will I finally get what I've wanted for so long? Why, God, why? When, God, when?!" If you've been alive very long, you've probably had an experience like this at some point.

Are You Content with Your Life?

It seems there are very few people who are consistently content with life. It's more common to be up and down mentally and emotionally, depending on what our circumstances are. So I want to ask you: How content are you? Are you consistently enjoying your life?