Joyce Meyer

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Living in the Middle of Your Destiny

Have you ever had the pleasure of knowing someone who gave God everything they had, living each day like it was their last? I think we all want to live that way. But if fear gets hold of us or life gets busy, we can get distracted from the dreams and goals God gives us.

Roll Away Your Own Stone

All of God's children have faith. The question is are we willing to do what He tells us right away, or are we going to analyze every little thing He asks us to do?

Learn How to Pass Your Tests in Life

Sometimes God allows or even arranges for us to go through difficulties in this life because it's during those times that we grow in our faith and develop more of the character of Christ. Trials reveal what we really believe and what's really inside our hearts.

The Most Important Thing

When it comes to your relationship with God, how do you rate it? Do you judge it by how often you go to church? Or how many scripture verses you've memorized…maybe the length of your prayer time? Does any of that really matter?

A Simple Approach to an Uncomplicated Life

Do you ever feel like life is complicated? It's not supposed to be complicated. Jesus gave His life so we could have joy, not complicated and frustrated lives. And complication steals joy and creates frustration.

Putting God First in Your Priorities

There are so many things that clamor for our attention and devotion: our jobs, our kids, our spouses, our hobbies—the demands and distractions of life. And we have to be careful not to let them become more important or more of a priority than our relationship with God.

Putting 'Stuff' in Perspective

Too many of us are addicted to "stuff." How many people don't have time for God because they have to work two jobs to keep up the payments on their boats, cars and flat screen TVs?

How to Get More Peace in Your Life

Did you know that you can choose to live a peaceful life? And as a Christian, God's will is for us to have peace. But many Christians allow their circumstances or other people to get them upset and angry