Justin Steckbauer

The Army of God: A Great Awakening Coming

There is hope. We will rise up. Great awakening is coming. Don't think it, know it. We see great struggle, brokenness, and strife. But we don't look upon the world, we look upon Jesus Christ, our glorious risen savior. Therefore we have great hope.

The Fear of the Lord

The scriptures are very clear: Wisdom begins with fearing God. This offends our modern sentiments. Why? I suppose because we assume fear is a bad thing. But is fear always bad?

Should Christians Be Fighting a Culture War?

Usually when someone brings up "the culture war" it's in the context of talking about the mean, bad, "Christian Right" these terrible Christian supremacists (as Tim Keller called them) who won't stop fighting and being mean and driving people away from Christ. But is this characterization accurate?

How to Have Eternal Life

What teachings of the scriptures encapsulate the requirements for eternal life? We're going to look at some scriptures, and some instructions in those scriptures for how to receive eternal life, live it out on Earth, and how to be found as a faithful servant when we meet Jesus in heaven.

Should I Tithe?

Tithing is a concept from the Bible, from the Old Testament, that we give 10 percent of our income to God. Sound like too much? It's all His anyway. It's not ours. God owns everything.

How to Pray Authentically: The Four Position Prayer

When I first became a part of the family of Christ I was pretty clueless. I had no idea how to study the Bible, and I didn't really know how to pray. Prayer is insanely important to the Christian life. If you aren't praying at least once a day it's hard to say that your even a Christian.