Katherine T. Phan

Christian Post Reporter

Richard Land Addresses Reprimands Over Trayvon Martin Comments

Dr. Richard Land, one of the most prominent leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention, addressed the reprimands over his Trayvon Martin comments in public for the first time at the denomination's annual meeting Tuesday. He also reiterated his commitment to racial reconciliation and acknowledged the work of Pastor Fred Luter, Jr., who became the first African-American president of the SBC yesterday.

Creflo Dollar: I Should Have Never Been Arrested; Devil Trying to Discredit Me (VIDEO)

Creflo Dollar Jr., who was arrested Friday on battery charges involving his daughter, received a standing ovation from his World Changers Church International congregation Sunday as he emphatically denied punching or choking his 15-year-old daughter. He said he never should have been arrested and believes that the arrest was part of the devil's plan to "discredit" him as a messenger of God.

King's College Professor Retells Road to Emmaus Story Through Modern-Day Lens

The Road to Emmaus story is a historical account of a conversation between two disciples as they grapple with despair and disillusionment following the crucifixion of Jesus. They meet a stranger who is actually Jesus, but it is only when their eyes are opened that they see him for who he is: the resurrected Messiah. The biblical drama is retold through modern-day lens by historian Joseph Loconte in The Searchers: A Quest for Faith in the Valley of Doubt, which releases this week.

Historic Merger Joins 35,000 Missionaries as N.America Mission Turns 200

Top evangelical leaders across North America are joining a special service Monday in Boston to celebrate the 200th anniversary of North America's first ordained missionaries. The event also marked the official debut of Missio Nexus, which will be one of the largest evangelical mission network in North America formed through the historic merger of CrossGlobal Link and The Mission Exchange.

Gay Marriage New York City: Thousands Protest New Law

Christians were among the thousands of New Yorkers that protested the new gay marriage law Sunday in a massive rally that spanned across four cities. Protesters gathered at rallies held in Manhattan, Albany, Rochester and Buffalo demanding that state lawmakers put the gay marriage issue before voters by placing it on a statewide referendum.