Lillian Kwon

Christian Post Reporter

Megachurch 'Come and See' Movement Fizzling?

The number of megachurches may have exploded in the U.S. over the last few decades but the landscape is changing and people are seemingly less attracted to the big box churches or the "come and see" experience, two pastors observed.

Interview: Pastor Brady Boyd Talks Christian Identity, Hyped-Up Worship

Pastor Brady Boyd, senior pastor of New Life Church, recounts his own personal journey and lets readers in on the most important revelation he had in his life – that is, sonship. Realizing one's identity as a son or daughter of God may sound simple but most Christians haven't been able to catch on to that truth. In fact, many are living as "slaves," he said.

Harold Camping's Controversial Teachings Back on the Air

Family Radio has begun re-airing controversial teachings of Harold Camping to the surprise of a former Camping follower. Trevor Hammack, pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Texas, found that his former Bible teacher's messages on "the end of the church age" were being re-aired.