Mark Hensch

Christian Post Reporter

Musician Andrew Greer Finds God's Holiness in Hymns

For Andrew Greer, Scripture is most alive in song. The singer-songwriter burst onto the Christian contemporary music scene with 2009's Open Book, a collection of achingly vulnerable songs about faith. His next release – this month's Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions – sees Greer going in a completely different direction.

Songwriter Jamie Grace Gets Grammy Nomination, Conquers College

Jamie Grace records hit singles when she isn't completing a full course load in college. The 20-year-old singer songwriter starts her final semester at East Point, Georgia's Point University this week. It will be hard concentrating, she said, as there's a possible Grammy award to worry about besides senioritis. The child and youth development major is competing next month in the category of 2011's "best contemporary Christian music song," for "Hold Me," a single she recorded with tobyMac of DC Talk and solo artist fame.

NASA Scientists Negate 2012 Apocalypse Rumors

Experts from NASA say that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know the world won't end in 2012. The beginning of the New Year is reigniting debate over the prediction of the end of the world, connected to the end of the ancient Mayan calendar.

A Peek at Modern Paganism: How to Preach to Pagans (Part 2)

Paganism is a blanket term covering practices ranging from witchcraft to nature worship. Such diversity creates a daunting task for Christian evangelism, since it’s difficult to identify a focus when finding common ground with pagans. With this in mind, how can Christians effectively share the Good News with their pagan brothers and sisters?

UN Flies Flags at Half-Mast for Kim Jong-il's Funeral

What level of respect should the world display during a dead dictator’s memorial? That was the challenge faced by the United Nations this week when North Korea publicly mourned its late leader Kim Jong-il on Wednesday. reported Wednesday that the U.N. lowered flags at its New York City and Geneva offices to half-mast during Kim's funeral procession.