Marvin G. Thompson

The Proper Position for the Church: Anti-Abortion and Pro-Choice

The issue of abortion is fraught and divides the church in the most unchristian way. The nature of the debate forces the Christian community to choose sides which engenders suspicion of the genuineness of each other's faith. The church cannot be anything but anti when it comes to abortion. But to be anti-abortion does not, and should not constrain us to an anti-choice only position.

A Righteous Church Will Save the Country

The mission of the church is to proclaim the Gospel message, and to make disciples. We keep making the mistake of thinking that the defining social and political issues of the culture wars are what drive the Gospel. They tend more to be hindrances.

Guarding the Heart of the Church

What would be your reaction to me saying that the Church is being defiled? I mean, given all that is happening with what many have come to acknowledge as an ill-advised relationship between particular segments of the Church and politics, and the moral and ethical compromise born of that relationship, wouldn't you say so? Or would you say that I am overreacting?

The Church Is a Steward of Righteousness

In these days of entrenched political and ideological divisions within the community of believers, it is important to point out who we are as a body called the Church. I am concerned that the Church is not embracing its uniqueness.

The Church's Identity Crisis: Godliness or Political Victors?

There are those who say that we can be godly and political at the same time. As is often the case, it is the Christian's integrity that is dragged through the moral morass, because the nature of today's politics demands moral compromises. Sadly, the Christian political practitioner tends to be the one compromising.

How the Church Must Respond in the Wake of Sessions' Romans 13 Claim

It does not matter that the Church comes out with one voice in rejecting the policy of breaking up families. It does not matter that the misuse of scripture is called out for what it is. It does not even matter that the Methodist Church that Jeff Sessions belongs to has rebuked him for using scripture to support a policy that harms children. None of that matters in the long run if that is all the Church does.

What Misapplication of Scripture Looks Like

Jeff Sessions' assessment that separating children from their parents is justified because Paul says in Romans 13 that it is God who establishes governments, and that the people should submit to their authority, highlights the legal slippery-slope of an asynchronous application of biblical edicts without regard to biblical context.

Make America Moral Again

Remarkably, Donald Trump is one who never hid his moral shortcomings, but boasted that he did not need God's forgiveness, lauded his sexual misdeeds, reveled in his mendacity and misogyny, and mocked the disabled.