Michael Brown

CP Op-Ed Contributor

I Agree With Chuck Todd

If the presidential elections were held today and Donald Trump was running against Hillary Clinton, I would vote for him without hesitation. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't embarrass me at times like he did with Chuck Todd.

The Forgotten Words of Jesus

The next time someone tells you that Jesus said, "Don't judge," how about saying this? "Did you know those words are from the Sermon on the Mount? How about we read that sermon together?"

A Challenge for Never Trumpers: Are You Willing to Be Honest?

For many of you who could not vote for Trump, it was a matter of conscience. How could you be a "values voter" and yet vote for a man with such abysmal moral values, a thrice-married, playboy, billionaire? But I have a challenge for all of you who still identify as Never Trumpers: Are you willing to be as honest about the accomplishments of President Trump as you are about his failings?