Nolan Harkness

The Father Factor

Fathers, in this article I would like to call you like a good coach, to come off of the bench and get in the game. The game I am talking about is the game of life.

Can a Man Hinder God?

Can a man hinder God? Can he hinder the God who is Creator of the Universe and the all seeing, all knowing, ever present true and living God?

America's Youth in Crisis

I want you to realize that millions of teenagers go to bed every night in this country not having a clue that there is a father God who will protect them. They trust no one.

Why Did God Design Prayer

Have you ever wondered why God designed prayer as the mode of communication between the creation and the Creator? Prayer can be the most exciting thing you have ever done if it is done right.

This Is How Christians Can Achieve Unity

Why is it that so many believers have such a wide spectrum of belief systems in general, as well as seem to disagree on so many things? One thing the Lord has helped me realize is that people who pray a lot agree a lot.

Being Proactive vs. Reactive for God

With most Christians if we backslide, we don't backslide off into the world of deep sin. We backslide into religious practice! We become lukewarm in our passion for Jesus and we continue to attend church and learn how to just go through the motions. We stop seeking God on a regular basis, become slack in our Bible studies and only turn back to God wholeheartedly when some crisis arises in our lives. In a way they are in the same place with hardened hearts.

We Must Overcome the Fear of Reaching Loner Teenagers

There obviously would be negative vibes coming from some American people concerning the risks of reaching out to the loner teens. I hope to dispel some myths that seem to fly through the air as we hear the Spirit of God stir our hearts to be an instrument of His Love!

Honoring Small Church Pastors, Who Can't Always Pay Their Bills on Time

Smaller churches are sometimes being pastored by very special people with just as much anointing, gifting, Bible knowledge and shepherding skills as anyone else. They faithfully minister to 20 or 25 people each week, many times receiving no salary and are forced to work in what they usually delightfully call their "tent making" avocations.

Isn't Time to Rescue the Loner Teen?

Can loner teens be reached? I believe they can be reached early. However, accomplishing this will take a concerted effort of prayer and a concrete, ongoing demonstration of the true love of Christ.