Nolan Harkness

Grace as It Should Be

Someone wisely said that whenever you teach too much of one thing in the Bible it becomes a heresy. In some circles the church has made grace sound cheap by focusing on grace to the exclusion of other Biblical truths.

Truly Born Again for the First Time

The nearest and dearest thing to my heart is to see people become "born again." However one of the saddest things for me to see is quick prayers prayed over people, who have heard a quick salvation message, and then to see them politely told "Today's church service is over."

The Conditions of Unconditional Love Part 1

I have come in contact with believers who have been steeped in the "unconditional love" teachings. I have observed that they often exhibit an attitude, an attitude that corresponds greatly with the narcissism of our self-focused society. The attitude of self-entitlement!

God's Prophetic Word to This Nation

On my website in big blue letters are the words "God is Still Speaking to His People!" I say that, realizing full well that in our culture there is a semantics-wrestling match concerning the real meaning of what I have just said.

The Remedy for Being Too Heavenly Minded

How often through the years have we heard a "certain somebody" in a sermon described as being "so heavenly minded they are no earthly good?" What about those who are so earthly minded that they are of little heavenly good?

How to Kill a Revival

My heart sank. With great sadness I said what was on my heart to say. "Pastor, please tell your people that this deeply grieves the Spirit of God. That no man or woman should ever expect God to fit into their schedule."

A Balance of Gold

On one side of town you have the church who honors the first half of Jude 22, 23, "And of some have compassion". Then in other places around your city are the churches who preach messages designed to bring their attendee's under great conviction, doing as Jude says, "others save with fear" by proclaiming strong doctrine.

The Knot and the Tear

One day I came out of my home and the American Flag that I had hanging as a banner on the front of my house was torn in half by a bad windstorm that night. I quickly tied a knot in the middle of the flag and proceeded to my car. I felt at the time that God wanted to promote unity in the hearts of the people of our nation. The tear metaphorically represented the division we feel every day. The knot however represented all the things we do agree on.

There's Always More in God

God is the great sovereign creator of the universe and knows what's best for all of our lives. He understands we are a three part being, spirit, soul, and body and that for us to be the healthiest and happiest, all three of those parts need to be in harmony with each other and with Him!

A Lightsaber for Today's Church

In these Last Days, I believe what God is going to give the church is such a rich anointing that our Swords of the Spirit are going to be Holy Ghost empowered lightsabers that can cut through even the thickest walls an individual has put up resisting God's truths. What I am about to share with you is guaranteed to get you thinking!

Debunking a Commonly-Held Belief About Revivals

Did you know that our human nature, our flesh, if you will, does not like to pray? Many churchgoing Christians will fight revival the way a sinner will resist coming to Christ in the first place. We are so independent and rebellious we don't like to get on our knees, let alone on our faces, before God. We will gladly go to almost anything at the church except for prayer meetings.

How a Youth Minister Became a Revivalist

I was 23 when I first visited a church where somebody really prayed out in what I know now to be the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. The person prayed loudly! They prayed with authority! I definitely had a WOW moment! Something about that experience made me long for more of God in my life than I had ever had.

A Crossless Christianity Is the Real Issue

Because he recognizes his time is short, Satan is preparing for a time when his full wrath will be poured out. He began to formulate a recipe for a very "easy to swallow" form of Christianity. It starts without a cross and ends up without a Christ.