Perry Noble

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Dream Bigger Dreams ... God Can Handle It

For some reason, the church is discouraged and denounced so often for having big dreams. Walt Disney had a mouse…A MOUSE… We (the church) have AN EMPTY TOMB, THE WORD OF GOD. The world should NEVER outdream God’s church! EVER!

Listen to God, Do What He Says

I really do believe that God still speaks. I also believe that MOST of the time when God speaks to us He will always call us away from convenience to the uncomfortable

Jesus Didn't Play It Safe

One of the myths that has been crippling to Christianity for years is that Jesus has called us to “play it safe” … when that is not taught OR modeled

How Do You Stay So Passionate?

One of the questions often asked of me is, “how in the world do you stay so passionate? It seems like you believe every Sunday is going to be the ‘best ever!’”

10 Ways to Fail

Preach on being spritually healthy and vibrant while neglecting my own health for the sake of the ministry

Why You Shouldn't Give Up

Often times I meet people in life and ministry that want to give up! Their marriage is in trouble. The church they are serving isn't moving as fast as they thought it would

What If?

WHAT IF you were a non-Christian … and Christians treated you the way you treat non-Christians?

Forgive Us, Your Church

Dear Lord, please forgive us for allowing Apple to out innovate us! For allowing MTV to reach a generation that we've seemed to forget!