R. Leigh Coleman

Christian Post Reporter

E. Coli Outbreak: 'It's the Sprouts'

German health officials finally confirmed Friday that the deadly E. coli outbreak, causing a panic across the globe by blanketing Europe and killing 31 people, can be traced to contaminated bean sprouts grown at an organic farm in northern Germany. But authorities are still puzzled as to how the deadly bacteria got there.

German E. Coli Research Wrong Again

Consumers are again without answers after German officials announced Monday that results on beansprouts, suspected to be the culprit behind the massive E. coli outbreak across Europe and now hitting the U.S., tested negative for the deadly strain.

E. Coli Outbreak Brings Death Toll to 22

German officials announced on Sunday that locally grown beansprouts may be the cause of the "world's largest" E.coli outbreak that has killed at least 22 people, sickened more than 2,000 across Europe and is now suspected in four cases here in the United States.

Donations to Churches Will Feel the Heat

Church leaders are concerned that giving could suffer if the federal government moves forward with plans to limit tax breaks, including those for charitable donations, as a way to rein in the country’s out of control budget deficit, according to a recent church survey on offerings and giving.

Millionaires Worldwide Now Number 12.5M

In a stark departure from last year’s collapse of the world’s largest financial institutions, the number of wealthy households increased by more than 12 percent in 2010 to about 12.5 millionaires, according to a new study by The Boston Consulting Group.

A Pill to Erase Bad Memories?

Having a bad week? Take a pill and you will forget all about it. A team of researchers from the University of Montreal has come up with a new pill aimed at eliminating negative memories and emotions.

America Overmedicated?

Nearly 50 percent of all U.S. households swallow, inject, inhale, infuse, spray, and pat on prescribed medication every month and the nation buys more medicine per person than any other country, according to a report this week by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Time to Worry About Cell Phones Causing Brain Cancer?

For years we have been warned to limit our mobile phone use and to use hands-free sets in the wake of "growing evidence that we should reduce exposure" to cell phone radiation. But the verdict is in and a team of scientists said today the radio frequency levels in our wireless devices puts the five billion users at risk for brain cancer.

Kennedy's Moon Shot to the Mind

Patrick Kennedy, the eight-term Rhode Island Democrat and 43-year-old son of the late Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, is on the campaign trail, although this time he is rallying for the brain – not politics.