Rev. Mark H. Creech

Christian Post Columnist

Karl Marx, the Devil, and a Socialist America

Socialistic and Communistic principles are the doctrines of devils masquerading as hope and help for the proletariat – the marginalized or working class people. It is an evil system to be feared, deeply rooted in deception, promising a "people's government," but delivering despotism.

Judging, Discrimination, and Intolerance

The notion that God judges no one is both popular and comforting. The problem, however, is that this soothing and morally indiscriminate thought is patently false. Moreover, it's often the basis for the false assertion that we should never judge.

The Pope Says There Is No Hell?

Is it true? Did the Pope actually say that there is no hell? The Bible, which is the Word of God, should be the sole authority on the subject of hell. Its claims on the subject are abundantly clear.

Racism and Abortion Have Plenty in Common

It's hard to believe there ever was a time in our country when the racist subjugation of one group of people was not considered a grave injustice. Such evil was never because of Christianity but in spite of it. This same error today, I believe, is being made with respect to abortion.