Richard Land

Christian Post Executive Editor

Progressives vs. Trumponians: A Second American Revolution?

Tens of millions of Americans were shocked to their core by the unforeseen, unprecedented, and turbulent presidential election of 2016. Even more shocking for many have been the divisive rhetoric, demonstrations (sometimes violent) and vows of complete resistance to President Trump and his new administration commencing before his inauguration.

The Charleston Way: Dr. King's Dream Still Lives

To witness the faith and forgiveness of the African-American members of Charleston's Emanuel AME Church is to expose the current generation to the life-changing impact and power of the non-violent, reconciling message of the 1960s civil rights revolution that transformed our nation in so many important and critical ways.

Getting It Right in Libya

President Obama's decision to intervene in Libya is the opposite and correct decision to the wrong decision by President Clinton not to intervene in Rwanda

A Critical Election

Tomorrow, Americans have the privilege to go to the polls and cast ballots for the candidates they prefer to represent them in Washington

Another View of the Biblical Doctrine of Election

The question of God's divine sovereignty and man's free will, or "free agency" as The Baptist Faith & Message describes it, has vexed, teased, tantalized, and bedeviled serious Christians for centuries. How do Christians reconcile these two great biblical truths?

The President's Commitment to British-Style of Health Care Made Clear

Donald Berwick was nominated as the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services by Barack Obama in mid-April. Just over two months after that announcement, the White House revealed July 6 the president had given the Harvard pediatrician a recess appointment, completing an end run around Congress.