Samuel Rodriguez and Robert Gittelson

CP Guest Contributors

Immigration Reform: Substance Above Rhetoric, Doing What is Right

There has been much discussion recently about the welcome prospect of pending immigration reform legislation. This is a propitious moment for our Nation to be having this important debate. Unfortunately, many people are narrowly framing this discussion through the lens of political expediency. Political pundits on both sides of the aisle are commenting about why the Republicans need immigration reform as a means to reach out to the Hispanic community. They do. But it is so much more than that. The truth is that most conservatives - and most progressives for that matter - actually do want to find a solution to our Nation's immigration crisis. Unfortunately, the traditional opponents of immigration reform and immigration in general, are doing their best to mitigate against the coming political winds that favor a bipartisan reform of our immigration laws. These anti-immigration advocates, who are in fact paid lobbyists, point to the extraordinarily poor showing for Republicans among the Hispanic voters in the recent election results as just an inevitable part of doing business, and they are encouraging Republicans to blindly follow them as they continue to bury their heads in the sand, and continue to spout their "anti-immigrant agenda" talking points.

Political Football: Republican Party Must Not Squander Their First and Goal Opportunity on Immigration

The Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform coalition is cautiously awaiting the introduction of this year's Republican Party platform. We are keenly interested to see where, exactly, the Party will ultimately stand on the issue of immigration reform. It is our fervent hope that in this year's platform, the Party will be willing to stand with their "better angels." By that, we mean that we hope that the Party embraces the call for adhering to the Rule of Law, but also calls for adhering to a call for a more compassionate conservatism.