Thom S. Rainer

Christian Post Contributor

The Overcommitted Church

Many churches have become too busy for their own good. They have so many activities, programs, events, and services that they are wearing out their congregations.

6 Traits of a Church Disrupter

He is almost in every church. He is the church disrupter. Unlike church bullies, the disrupter rarely attacks leaders directly. He is good about stirring up dissension, but he seems to always feel like "God led me to do it."

Before You Fire Your Pastor

It happened again this week. A pastor contacted me to let me know his deacons asked for his resignation. The reason? No one was really clear about it. Too many pastors are getting fired. It feels like an epidemic.

7 Characteristics of Reactionary Pastors

Sometimes church leaders have to be reactionary. We can't always plan ahead. But many church leaders can be more proactive. Too many of these leaders waste valuable time because they were not prepared adequately.

Why Dying Churches Die

Many churches are dying. Some are so sick that they are a few years, perhaps just months, from death. But too many refuse to do anything.