Tyler O'Neil

CP Reporter

Ben Carson Compares Obamacare to Slavery; Calls Americans to Not Be Ashamed of God

In a speech at the Values Voter Summit, Ben Carson, former pediatric neurosurgury director at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center who shot to fame earlier this year when he gave a politically incorrect speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, compared President Obama's healthcare reform law to the institution of slavery and called Americans to not be ashamed of their Judeo-Christian heritage.

Ted Cruz Teases Hecklers, Challenges Obama at Values Voter Summit

About two dozen hecklers interrupted Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) while speaking at the conservative Values Voter Summit, but rather than step down, apologize, or speak quieter, Cruz raised his voice, incorporated their complaints into his speech, and challenged President Obama to a new type of discussion.

Christian Reviewers Call New Film 'Gravity' an Allegory for God, Jesus

Alfonso Cuaron's box-office record-smasher "Gravity" also broke new ground for faith in Hollywood, according to Christian reviewers who praised the film. They saw the presence of God throughout – in an allegory to the death and resurrection of Christ, a personal interaction with God, and a God-given hope in the afterlife.

Why Are So Many Christians Leaving the Girl Scouts?

The steady decline in youth and adult participation in Girl Scouts is at least in part attributed to sex education decisions made by Girl Scout national leaders, according to Christians studying the trend and former Girl Scout local leaders who are Christians.

Christian University Embroiled in Transgender Health Care Controversy

Azusa Pacific University (APU) and its former chair of theology, Heather Ann Clements, a woman professor who announced her true identity as a man, Heath Adam Ackley, have decided to part ways but are still battling over transgender health insurance, according to Ackley's attorney. A spokesman for APU, based in Los Angeles, Calif., however, would not characterize the parting in the same way.

Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner to Award Legal Defender, Former 'Satanic Drag Queen'

Voice of the Voiceless (VoV), an organization defending the rights of former homosexuals, will honor litigator Mat Staver and former "Satanic Drag Queen" Trace McNutt at its First Ex-Gay Awareness dinner next week. Another former homosexual, the Christian singer/songwriter Dennis Jernigan, will perform his music, while Bishop Harry Jackson is set to give the keynote address.