A Son's Tearjerking Tribute to Stay-At-Home Mothers That Should Everyone Should See (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Matt Bieler/Vimeo)

Setting aside the endless debate over whether mothers should work outside the home, can we agree that staying at home to care for the children is work in itself? Hard work.

As a tribute to stay-at-home moms everywhere, including his own mother and sister, Los Angeles-based director Matt Bieler made the short film "3 Queens," starring three moms in Pennsylvania, Washington and Texas.

About his inspiration for the project, Bieler told The Stir:

"I found myself in every day awe of my sister who is one of the mothers in the film and her daily grind of raising three young ones. And it made me think back to what a superstar my own mother was raising myself and my two sisters as a young stay-at-home and the selflessness that entails.

The seed of the idea was to thank moms around the country/world for this heroic unselfish love as told through the eyes and voice of their children. Whether they are working mothers or stay at home, these are just three stories of many."